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Hunter crest.jpg
Ishtuk Bloodaxe
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Mining Herbalism
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations The Azul Scimitar

Ishtuk is an Orc Hunter, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Ishtuk is relatively young for such a traveled Hunter. His skin is an olive color which clashes with his reddish eyes & hair. Like a large amount of Orcs he carries scars on his body ranging from falls, to cuts, and even other adventures. He stands at an even Six feet in height & weighs in around 260 pounds. Although it could never be shown beyond a very close inspection, it appears that a minute part of Ishtuk's fourth toe on his left foot is missing.

Character History

Ishtuk was raised among the Alterac Mountains nearing the end of the Second War. He has no memory of life before that region- yet has known from the mothers of the Frostwolf Clan that he was not from them. What has been told to him is that he was found in the valley wilderness by hunting parties tucked under a low branch in a feeble attempt to protect him from the morning dew & snow. Among the Orcs who found him no one took direct supervision of him, rather a handful of members patiently raised him, teaching him what they could, showing him the secrets nature left in plain sight. When he was a youth he began quietly following the hunting parties into the wilderness, imitating their camouflage and hand signs while searching for prey. Though his tracking skills & silence greatly increased it was inevitable that he was caught by the older & more experienced hunters. While some were humored by his imitations they refused to let him hunt so young & especially with no adequate training. As this incident repeated itself it was common for Ishtuk to receive disciplinary consequences, or "stripes" as the older Orcmen called it.

While retrieving fire wood one evening he began following deer tracks in the snow without any caution. After some time he realized how far he was from home & began retracing his steps; although it was too late. He was being followed by a large wolf who struck from hiding while Ishtuk was studying his path. Quickly gaining the upper hand in the battle the wolf immobilized Ishtuk by attacking his collar-bone while pinning his arms to the ground. Carrying only a meager hatchet Ishtuk struggled to turn on his back in order to gain a clear shot on the wolf. While the attempt proved vain he could think of nothing to do & shouted out in his frustration. After years of following older Orcs on hunting trips he had never imagined the shouts & calls they produced were any more than noise, at the wisest they gave location of the other adults; but unbeknown to him he had been practicing their calls for the aid of the Frost Wolves in the area. From the moment his cry escaped his mouth & reached the ears of patrolling Frost Wolves they ran to the call- fighting off the beast that had ambushed him. When he was able to stand, he instinctively called the Frost Wolves off the now-beaten animal that attacked him. After holding eye-contact with the wolf, he named it Neck Piercer & then swiftly sliced its throat open and removed a fang from its maw.

Afterward, give the cold of what was now late-night, his draining adrenaline rush, loss of blood & overall weariness Ishtuk collapsed & was dragged back to camp by the Frost Wolves who saved him. When the older Clan members found him outside their huts they were left with the conclusions his body & new possession gave. After nursing his wounds & recovering his strength Ishtuk began his training as a hunter for all those living in Alterac. The wise women of the tribe said their was a fire in his eyes now, a hunger for the Hunt that would not be satisfied until he learned. At last his ascension into adulthood had been completed; though he never strove for it willingly. Upon his victory against Neck Piercer, Ishtuk gained his first, and so far singular audience with Drek'Thar- whom after hearing the full story of the battle gave Ishtuk his last name, Bloodaxe, for letting the life of Neck Piercer out honorably, and by doing so carrying the fire of his spirit in Ishtuk's own heart.

As seasons passed Ishtuk grew into a young adult & life was much the same. When the Reign of Chaos began & Thrall called for the Frostwolf Clan to join him Ishtuk followed the young Shaman from the East all the way to Kalimdor, battling Naga, Centaur, and other enemies along the way. During the final days of the Third War Ishtuk rarely saw battle or participation in tactical campaigns as he belonged to a group of hunters gathering meat, herbs, and other necessities from the fields & forests of Ashenvale & Stonetalon to aid the New Horde. After "retiring" from his war career Ishtuk traveled through the new Orc homelands in Durotar & The Barrens wherein he worked to perfect his skills as a Hunter, learning his talents & skills anew in the wild frontier of Kalimdor.

With his experiences in Alterac calling out & hunting with animals Ishtuk is training to strengthen the bond he carries with them- devoting himself to the Beast Mastery discipline currently. Over the last year Ishtuk has been approached & hired by his patron employer: The Azul Scimitar. They are an organization with directors in Orgrimmar & Thunder Bluff whom hire adventurers to perform scouting & research operations for them, allowing them to keep whatever treasures they find, as well as lodgings, food, equipment & finances in those cities. The sole purpose for the organization seems to be gathering information, hinted at being delivered to the Shamans & chieftains in Grommash Hold. Ishtuk's superior officer of the organization is an Orc female by the name of Clementine, who categorizes Ishtuks reports & spoils from quests.

Upon his travels through the Wailing Caverns at the behest of the Disciples of Naralex Ishtuk began a new search throughout the world for Dungeons, and all things explorable. While not an appreciator of architecture or the annals of history, the thrill of journeying into the secrets of the past jutting to the sky within all the continents of Azeroth has become a love of Ishtuks. After exploring the southern Barrens and Razorfen Downs, and Gnomregan in Dun Morogh recently Ishtuk has taken a leave of absence in Swamp of Sorrows- assisting in tactical strikes & defenses against the Murloc raids in that region.

En Garde!

Ishtuk relies on the partnership he has with his beast companion Cornelius & will send him visual signals relaying whom & what should be attacked. He works as efficiently as possible, rounding up as many weak & inferior opponents as he can, and then firing arrows into the fray at an alarming rate. Throughout his training Ishtuk has done without the need to strike critically at his opponents, choosing to strike consistently at them. While he may not always cause massive damage in the field, he can guarantee by the monsters & demons he's slain alone, that he can hit them hard & repeatedly. If combat seems to be too close for Ishtuk to fire a ranged barrage he merely laughs at the foolishness of his foe while dropping one of many traps & then repeats the battle from several yards out.

Playing with Others

  • Aught - Ishtuk began following Aught with interest during a young time in the adult druid's career. While being tested by Cairne Bloodhoof for the rights of the Earth Mother, Aught was sent out to hunt Kodo roaming the foothills of Thunder Bluff. Ishtuk tracked the druid's name & bank adress first & then began mailing him advice for his own Great Hunt as well as equipment & items Aught could sell to cover the costs of his own adventures. After contacting Clementine Aught has been officially invited into the ranks of The Azul Scimitar. Unfortunately the two are almost always traveling on opposite continents, with Ishtuk following orders from Clementine & Aught completing his druidic training they have yet to meet face-to-face. Through his letters Aught has come to respect the younger Orc, believing his spirit will lead Aught to a great vision.
  • Grubash - Grubash is a Troll Shaman similar in years to Ishtuk. While departing from Orgrimmar one evening the Hunter saw the Witch-Doctor-turned-Shaman humbly approach the city gates with no food, possessions, or gold. After hunting Scorpids & Burning Blade agents in Durotaur & Quillboar in The Barrens Ishtuk took leave of Grubash as he headed into the Thousand Needles. Grubash is currently a probationary member of The Azul Scimitar- He holds a deep gratitude towards Ishtuk for giving his life a strong direction after years of drifting.


Ishtuk is played by User:Ishtuk.