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Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations The Azul Scimitar

Aught was a Tauren Druid, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est he is now a Death Knight, having risen to serve the Lich King.


Aught is nearing young adulthood for a Taurent, at the age of 33. His skin is a Maple brown & White, alternating patches at random across his body. His hoofs are slightly large for even a Tauren of his immense height & his eyes burn a deep brownish red. In his undead state, however, his eyes shine with a burning yet cold aura.

Character History

Aught lived a quiet & uneventful life for the most part. After the years of living as a nomad while defending his people from the Centaur he settled into the land surrounding Mulgore to farm, working as a hired hand for Ahab Wheathoof. While working through the seasons, Aught enjoyed the ease at which farming came to him- other workers noted the lack of watering Aught used in comparison to their own fields, and how few of seeds failed to take hold. It was then that Kym Wildmane, a druid instructor from Thunderbluff approached him, explaining that Aught possessed significant aptitude for Druidic training, inquiring if he would be interested in taking up the honorable mantle from those who had gone before him.

While it was enjoyable tutelage for Aught, he struggled greatly. Most his peers were quite a few years younger, having been selected for this training by their parents or discovered by the Archdruid. With so few to relate with & almost no contemporaries his own age Aught remained quiet & with few friends, though he excelled greatly in the exercises & jobs around Mulgore that were assigned to him. Cairne Bloodhoof greeted the new druid one morning & asked him to hunt Kodo as a rite of the Earth Mother. The task was more difficult than Aught perceived at first, in fact he became so frustrated that he caused a blast of faerie fire to rupture atop a young kodo calf even though he was not yet permitted to use such a skill by the Druids on the Elder Rise. After the incident Aught heard a gruff, traveled laughter beside him & turned to see an Orc hunter younger than him by seven or so years. The Hunter introduced himself as Ishtuk Bloodaxe, adopted from the Frostwolf Clan, adventurer, explorer, and animal tamer. He instructed the Tauren in some basic techniques for hunting & tracking & chose to spend the next few weeks in Mulgore observing the Druid. Eventually he took his leave of the Druid, explaining that he would mail resources & other things of note as he happened across them should the Tauren be interested.

After two seasons of training Aught was contacted by one of the Turak Runetotem with a delicate mission. As he had progressed surprisingly well, was older than his fellow students, and possessed a fine amount of experience in battle while fighting off the Centaur; the Cenarion Circle had an assassination in place that they believed Aught could handle. In the region of Durotar called the Echo Isles a Witch Doctor named Zalazane had corrupted much of the land & water, driving animals mad, killing Trolls, and driving the people of Sen'jinn away from their new homeland. The Circle believed that Zalazane had fewer than 20 guards with him on the island, all of inconsequential strength. Their reconnaissance told them that a Druid had never assaulted the Isle which would leave Zalazane virtually unprepared & completely ignorant of his foe.

Though his mission was direct, his path was left clouded as no instruction for finding the correct chain of islands, much less his targets description, among other details were given to him. As his first mission outside of the protected region of Mulgore Aught realized this would be a great test to his own wisdom, resources, and ability to tie up ends on his own. The assault went better than expected, after a month of searching & scouting, Aught found the islands by happy accident. The night he infiltrated in was after some hideous ceremony involving the slaughter of two Troll women, one pregnant & the other quite old. Disgusted with these practices it took all of Aught's resolve to stay hidden until night when they would be sleeping, already they were getting drunk off homemade spirits & a gathering of poisonous fungi & weeds from the island. With Elune waxing in the night sky, Aught attacked in his bear form, crashing through four or five primitive huts & stomping the throats of those inside. He pretended not to enjoy it after what he witnessed earlier. The fight with Zalazane was exhilarating & something to be retold around fires for years, but difficult nonetheless. After slaying the Witch Doctor Aught discovered a small Troll youth hiding in the underbrush. He recognized him as the Troll who drew the knife against the women earlier, who cut out the unborn child even. Returning to his Tauren state he immediately put his hoof against the boys throat & tensed his muscles. It was then that a great wind blew through the isle, causing the stars & earth to say one word in the druid's ever-listening ear. "Mercy." Unsure of what this meant Aught spared the boy regardless.

Upon his return he was granted full status as a Druid of the Elder Rise, protector of Thunderbluff, and defender of The Horde. For another year Aught traveled through Kalimdor, even the Eastern Kingdoms some, learning what he could of the Earth & farming when in need of rest & finances. Then his life ended, and changed forever.

In the Western Plaugelands Aught was performing reconnaissance for Thunderbluff & was caught by an patrol of undead raiders from Scholomance. They took him captive & tortured & mutilated him for days. Eventually his spirit left his body but was unable to pass on. After seeing his ability to resist the Scourge, the Necromancers contacted Kel'thuzad to inform him that a new Death Knight had been found for the armies of the Lich King. Now enslaved to the very forces he once vowed to defeat it has yet to be seen if Aught will destroy those he once loved or turn on his new jailors.

Upon returning to Thunderbluff with

En Garde!

Aught is a wild druid in combat, emulating the storms & lightning he's witnessed from atop Thunder Bluff. His devotion lies in Feral combat, relying on stealth to make sneak attacks on unsuspecting prey. If Aught feels that he is in over his head he will not hesitate to surrender, preferring to escape whatever holding has been resurrected in a feeble attempt to contain him in Bear form- however, if possible he will shift to his Tauren state, heal his allies & self, then release a string of utterances causing the Earth itself to capture his enemies while flight is made. Aught may not have the reckless abandonment for battle his younger associates have, but he has more than made up for it with quick problem-solving on the field. [Note: As the author has yet to play Aught as a Death Knight, a reliable description of Aught's battle strategy cannot be written right now.]

Playing with Others


Aught is played by User:Ishtuk.