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Infuzionz Ardwen
Bringer of Death
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Death Knight
Professions Engineering Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Wheres Northrend?

Physical Description

Infuzionz is a blood elf of short stature.She has piercing blue, glowing eyes that will chill your very core ,if she gazes at you to long.Her hair is short,white and emits the same blue glow as her eyes.Her skin is not the soft warm tone you would find with most blood elves. She has the dark touch upon her giving her a blue-grey tone. She has in essence a frosty aura about her.


She is a witty charming elf. She likes to work with her hands . She can twist minerals and shape them to make flying machines and mechano'hogs. Don't let her charm fool you when crossed she is a force to be reckoned with.


Infuzionz was born when Azeroth was in turmoil. Her mother wrapped her in a frayed linen blanket and hid her in a nook by Lake Elrendar in Eversong Woods.Her mother was soon struck down in the battle .The elements where not kind to Infuzionz. The winds howled and the water crested and took her life. The sound of battle became her new heartbeat.There was no mistaking, Infuzionz was touched by death. The elements took pity upon Infuzionz and blessed her with the ability to manipulate them at her will. They became her teachers and protecters. She was destined to be a great caster as were most elfs. The faint drumming of battle still raged in her icy viens and she yearned to be out front leading the battle. Her teachers had other plans for her a life of a caster.

Infuzionz and her army in Skettis.

On one of her outings to practice the art of extracting minerals from clouds she met a stylish troll by the name of Boboshanti . He was very kind and understanding they became inseparable. He soon introduced her to a group of his peers. They called themselves Where is Northrend?. They saw promise in her. They gave her an axe and released The Death Knight within her. She soon began attending raids with her new family.She worked hard and diligently wanting to be the best she can be. Hoping for the day to avenge her mothers death and bring peace in Azeroth.