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This page discusses a group that appears to be inactive. No longer Active --Warruz 14:32, 17 June 2012 (PDT)

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The Legendary raid team, Where's Northrend? is no longer active. This is a Memorial page of the many wipes, scandals, and inappropriate vent/forum discussions that were had. /bow


Raid Manager: Malichi

Raid Leader: Rekor


Main Tank

Rekor (Druid)

Off Tank

Infuzionz (DK)


MT Heals

Gufoni (Druid)

OT Heals

Boboshanti (Priest)

Raid Heals

Warak (Shaman)


Malichi (Mage)

Arezzo (Druid)

Vhaine (Paladin)

Ivii (DK)

Myira (Warlock)


WN? Kologarn kill 5/1/09.