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Boboshanti Val'zann
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Priest
Professions Tailoring Inscription
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Wheres Northrend?

Boboshanti is a Troll Priest, and Praetorian of Alea Iacta Est

Physical Description

Boboshanti is slender, even of Darkspear troll standards. His tusks jut forward from his mouth and have been carved with both known and unknown runic symbols. A collector of hats, Bobo will usually be seen wearing some of the most stylish hattery in Azeroth.


A mind filled with mysticism and abstractions, Boboshanti can be often seen muttering to himself a mishmash of Dwarvish prayers, Troll incantations, and Tauren ancestral chants, trying to increase the potency of his healing powers. His unstable prayers tested in battle against the Alliance and the forces of the Burning Legion, Bobo settled into the role of an ambassador and scribe for Alea Iacta Est during the Lich King's recent assault. After the Cataclysm, Bobo moved to Uldum to study and improve relations with the Neferset of Ramkahen.


The eldest son of humble farmer, Vahlaan Val'zann, young Boboshanti worked in the family sweet potato patches on the Broken Isles. Although normally a hard worker, Bobo's farming chores often were left unfinished when his friend Stigg would pelt him on the head with a well thrown yam and cause a day's worth of 'Chase the Stigg'. When the Darkspear followed Thrall to Durotar, the Val'zann clan again farmed the new lands and also began to establish trade with their new allies, the Orc, the Tauren, and the Goblins of Ratchet. The strange races, languages and riches that passed through the goblin town enthralled Bobo. Tired of the monotony of farming and running the family trade caravan, Boboshanti one day gave his younger brother Kalonji his firstborn family rites and stowed away onto a trade ship at the Ratchet port.

The none too seaworthy Bobo stumbled upon the docks of the ships first port-of-call, Booty Bay...and was immediately held up for the little silver and coins he possessed. Finding a little nook for himself under the busy wooden walkways, the now destitute Bobo observed the ways of the many races of Azeroth, learned their habits and tendencies and, as a result became well adept at catching the wealthier of transients at opportune times, much like he himself was upon his arrival. Over months, Bobo's rogue talents were noticed by the town's Goblin elite and he was sought out to perform subterfuge against Booty Bay's closest enemy factions. Each mission made Boboshanti more skillful at his trade, until a simple pickpocketing attempt changed things...


One afternoon, Bobo spotted a mark while he was 'fishing' off the Booty Bay pier. As the well-dressed dwarf priest crossed paths with the nonchalant troll, Bobo smoothly darted his hand into the priest's robe and lifted his coin satchel, like he had done many times before. As Bobo secured the satchel into his own pocket a voice boomed in his head, dropping him to one knee. This voice impelled Bobo to reach into his own pocket for the stolen satchel, even though Bobo tried with all he had not to obey. As Bobo helplessly watched his own arm extend itself and release the coin satchel back into its owners possession, Bobo knew that he needed to know such power for himself. As the dwarf priest then mind controlled Boboshanti off the pier in a most awkward dive into the water below, Bobo yelled out to the priest to apologize. What made the dwarf priest acknowledge and subsequently join the troll for several rounds at the Booty Bay pub is unknown, but by evening Bobo and the dwarf priest were seen conversing as if old friends as they boarded a unflagged ship.

Years later, Boboshanti Val'zann arrived at Sunsail Anchorage, Eversong Woods on a Blood Elf schooner, dressed in tattered robes and tusks intricately carved with a myriad of some of the most sacred symbols of the varied races and tribes of Azeroth. He immediately ran upon his childhood friend Stigg who hit him in the head with a small rock.


Boboshanti is the Main character of User:Boboshanti.