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Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Paladin
Professions Jewelcrafting Mining Cooking Fishing First-Aid
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations The Weekend Warriors Raiding Team


Hidanas was born to a prominent banking family in Silvermoon City. Hidanas was raised and groomed to take over the family banking and auction business. While on a journey to Tranquillien her party was attacked by the Scourge. The only thing that saved her that day was fleeing and leaving behind her companions. For bringing dishonor to her family she was banished and disowned. In order to regain her honor and avenge the ones that fell on that horrible day she pledged her service and life to the Blood Knights. She joined the Blood Knights under the name Hiddenbank as not to further shame her family. Because she ran instead of staying to fight she has devoted herself to the protection of others. Always the first to charge into battle, she will do anything to prevent harm to her party members. Hidanas' exploits have earned her the respect of all the Horde factions. She returned to Silvermoon City as Ambassador of the Horde. She has been welcomed back into her family. No longer needing to hide who she is she has shed the name Hiddenbank.

Under The Helm

Hidanas would rather give her life than see a member of her party harmed (Protection). She considers herself tall for her height at 5 feet 9inches. Emerald eyes and ever changing hair color and styles. Hidanas is unique in that she is one of the few left handed Blood Knights. She prefers swords over other weapons. Along her journeys Hidanas has become an accomplished FisherElf, Cook, and proficient in First Aide (because you never know when you'll run out of mana). She is a proficient miner which helps to fuel her creative side as a Jewel Crafter. A bit of an achievement junky. Personal Moto: "It is the journey not the destination that is important." Favorite Battle Cries: "I'll tank it. You spank it.", "Pally Power!!", or "Glory to the Sin'dorei!!"

Character History

Hiddenbank was created as a bank alt for the toon Hidendeath on the Executus PVP US Server. I started leveling out of boredom while waiting for other guild members to catch up to Hidendeath. Hiddenbank was originally Holy speced. I kept bumping into other healers and found that on Executus there was a shortage of Tanks not healers. So Hiddenbank respeced Prot at level 20. I continued to level my Bank Toon because I came to enjoy the AEO grinding and the class of the Paladin. Also I loved hearing in PUGS or whispers "Are you really leveling your Bank Alt?!!" At level 62 my guild on Executus fell apart. As a last ditch effort to find fun in World Of Warcraft a toon was started on Earthen Ring Bactatank. Finding the AIE community to be most enjoyable and sparking a renewed interest in World Of Warcraft; Hiddenbank transferred to Earthen Ring and joined AIE on May 24, 2008. At 70 I helped found the Night Owls Raid Group (NORG). After a brief hiatus I returned to Earthen Ring and AIE and changed Hiddenbank's name to Hidanas. I am a founding member of The Weekend Warriors Raiding Team.

The Puppet Master

I've been playing WoW since December of 2006. WoW is my first MMO. I started playing because of the South Park Episode Make Love Not Warcraft after discussing the game with a friend. My original server was Executus where I still have my first main Hiddendeath. After having my guild split apart over and over I was looking for another place to play. Hearing the praises of AIE on the Instance I decided to try AIE out. Earthen Ring and AIE have been my home ever since. When I'm not going by the name User:Hiddenbank I go by Reginald and I live in Charlotte,NC. I can be contacted at Ananzigamer@gmail.com or look me up on Facebook: Reginald Carson II.