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The Weekend Warriors

The Weekend Warriors are a 10-person raiding team bent upon working its way up through the endgame content of World of Warcraft starting with Ulduar. The ultimate goal is to complete ICC before the next expansion.

Raiding Schedule

As the name implies, raiding times are 9PM to 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Current Roster

Hidanas - Paladin
Seldig - Druid

Teven - Priest
Illuminati - Shaman
Momooki - Druid

Ekinger - Paladin
Varyla - Mage
Taygar - Warrior
Zathris - Hunter

Cuttingedgé- Priest
Pyrodeath - Mage
Namso - Warlock
Dreadpony - Hunter
Vaashilia - Shaman
Kelli - Paladin

Who We Are

The Weekend Warriors first formed in Novemeber of '09. Because of other commitments and a rotating cast of members the group fell apart. In December a few of the original members decided to try and Reboot the team and keep our merry band together. We are a casual group. We wish to see as much of end game as possible. Weekends are the best time (and for some the only time) we have to raid hence the name. Our goals are to finish ICC and defeat Arthas before the next expansion. After our successful clear of ToC 10 on 2/5/10 and subsequent success in Ony 10, we are focusing on clearing Ony 10 on Fridays. After Ony 10 we plan to use the rest of our Friday night raid time as ICC progression. On Saturdays we will focus on ICC 10 progression. If we hit a progression wall on Saturdays we plan to do ToC 10 or VOA.

As of February 12, 2010 we are officially an ICC Content only Raid Team.

Loot Rules

We roll first for main spec. If no one rolls on main spec we roll for off spec. If no off spec we shard the purples and roll on the shards at the end of that nights raid.

Other Important Tips for Raiding with WW

1) Bring the flasks you need--fish feasts will be provided.
2) Check out the fights. Tankspot and Wowiki have great boss strats. No one can be expected to know everything; but giving the videos and strats a one over doesn't hurt.
3) Invites will go out at 8:30. By 8:50 we will begin looking to fill your spot unless you notify us before the raid that you will be late.
4) Communication. Speak up if you see a way to improve the raid. If you don't know a fight it is ok to ask for a boss strat. We can't fix what we don't know is broken. So if something is bothering you or you think some things need to changed please give voice to that. Any group (raiding or otherwise) can only succeed if we are all on the same page.
5) Lastly and most importantly. Bring your fun hats. We are all here to see as much content as possible and to have fun. Lets remember that.

Required Add-Ons

Deadly Boss Mods
Omen Threat Meter