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Forney Stonebull
Forney the Explorer, Bad Ass Motha, Forney Jenkins, Ambassador, and more to come!
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Professions Mining Blacksmithing
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Bare Minimum Flair, Gruul and Unusual Punishment, Over the Hill Gang

Physical Description

Big, Strong, and Drop Dead Sexy!!!!


to be completed.....


Forney's life started in a hostile manner. While exploring the land around his village a group of Centaurs, who were pillaging the lands nearby, raided his village and wiped out all of the Tauren in the area. Upon hearing of this tragic news the Elders sent out a scouting party to asses the damage. Upon entering the small village they were surprised to find one sole survivor....Forney.

Forney was taken to the Elders high in the mesas that overlook Mulgore, Thunder Bluff. Upon being told of the tragic events that occurred it was decided that Forney would stay among the rest of the Taurens in Thunder Bluff until they could figure out what to do with him. It wasn’t until a few days later that a great warrior named Cairne Bloodhoof met Forney. Upon their meeting and talking for a great while that Cairne realized that something was different about Forney. Cairne contacted as many Elders as he could about the family lineage of Forney and it was discovered that he was a decedent of the great Kel Stonebull. Kel Stonebull is a tauren chieftain in the horde. Discovering this news it was also found out that the Centaurs also knew this and were attempting to wipe out the only living descendent of Kel Stonebull for they feared he would grow up to be a great warrior and destroy all the Centaurs. Knowing that if the Centaurs ever discovered that Forney had lived the assault, they would not rest until his demise. It was agreed that Forney would stay in Thunder Bluff, under the guidance of Cairne Bloodhoof, until he had matured enough to begin his training.

After many years have passed Forney finally was of age to begin his training. Upon speaking with the Elders of Thunder Bluff and the only father that he knew, Cairne Bloodhoof, he had decided that he would train to be a warrior in the art of protection in hope to help others in great times of need. Forney was flown to the small protected village in Red Cloud Mesa called Camp Narache. It was here that Forney started his training towards becoming the greatest protection warrior that he could and the ways of the Great Mother. As his training continued and he mastered the arts of using a weapon and shield, Forney began to hear rumors of a village that was ravaged by the Centaurs and that everyone needed to keep a strong presence in all villages to be sure this did not happen again. After having many adventures around Bloodhoof Village he had heard another rumor that there was 1 lone survivor of this village he was a warrior in training. Curious as to whom this Tauren was, as to satisfy his own curiosity, Forney returned to Thunder Bluff to get some answers. The Elders would not answer his questions as they knew that Forney would not be able to handle the emotional stress, the pressure of knowing what his destiny was to be, and lineage in which he was to be judged by. After not getting any answers from the Elders, Forney spoke with Cairne Bloodhoof. Cairne asked him walk the plains of Mulgore with him and this is where he told Forney of what happened during his childhood and of his bloodline. At this point Forney had gone into a rage that Cairne had never witnessed before in a Tauren and watched in horror as Forney charged one of the largest Kodo's in the area and defeated it with his bare hands. This was the first and the last time that Forney lost control. It was at this point that Cairne Bloodhoof realized the true potential of Forney was not be train the arts of protection but instead to utilize his rage in the arts of fury.

As years past Forney discovered how to control his rage and eventually realized that his parents were not actually gone but that they had become one with Mother Earth and were watching over him. During this time of self exploration and mastering the arts of battle, Forney also discovered that he was naturally skilled in blacksmithing. Knowing this he became not only a master blacksmith but also a master in mining. He is constantly crafting some of the world’s greatest weapons and armor for fellow members of the Horde with little or no financial gain.

Over time, Forney has made friends but has also seen some of them fall in the heat battle. He will give aid to all of his Horde brothers and sisters but will fight to the death defending other Taurens and in protecting the only place he calls home…..Thunder Bluff.