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Fierros Hicks
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Professions Herbalism Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Fierros is a Enhancement spec Troll Shaman and Cohort of AIE.


Kidnapped as a baby, Fierros has no memories of his parents nor does he know where he originally was born. He instead spent his childhood as a slave draped in purple and white.

Raised by Kerri Hicks (billed as the World's Strongest Woman), Fierros grew up learning acrobatics in the Darkmoon Faire. He took part in his first show when he was 7 and quickly became a star during the traveling tent days of the Faire, entertaining crowds with his high-flying trapeze acts and his knack for juggling flaming maces. The crowd especially loved his finishing act, a Capoeira dance done on top of a phone pole that was held by Kerri. He would perform this same act five times a week until just before his 16th birthday, when Silas Darkmoon closed the tent show in favor of creating more area for children to play with Tonks. He worked as a vendor for three more years along side Lhara, another former tent show member.


Throughout his last month as a vendor, Fierros started having unusual dreams about four glowing sticks and a beige wolf. Seeking some understanding and direction, he went to see Sayge and told him about the dreams. Sayge took him to a nearby tent where Morja and Flik were sleeping. Pointing at Flik, Sayge told Fierros "Stolen from murdered family...past much like yours." In disbelief, Fierros ran out and found Kerri, asking her about what he had seen. Upon her instruction, he sat and waited until Sayge showed up with Morja. Together, they told him all they knew of his past...and of their mistrust for how Silas just always seemed to be in the right spot to rescue newly-created orphans, the most recent of which was Flik.

As Sayge entered into a deep trance, Fierros became furious. He wanted to know why they didn't stop him or try to escape. Kerri answered the first part, saying that no one there was strong enough to take down Silas and Burth. Morja answered the second, talking about how they all felt that someone needed to keep the orphans safe for the time being. Fierros escaped from the Faire that night with minimal food and water as well as a sealed message from Sayge that he was to read only when safe.

"Wolf in dreams...Hokkaido. Find him. Unite. Then we will be free."


During the next several days, Fierros helped out anyone he could find with their tasks, asking them afterwards about Hokkaido. Each night, Fierros saw the wolf in his dreams and tried to communicate with it, failing. During this time, he spoke with a lady named Shikrik who did not know of Hokkaido persay, but felt that she knew what he was...a messenger from a Loa god. She also showed him a green glowing stick that she had, which she called a totem. As he helped out her and her friends, she taught him everything she could, eventually sending him out to Sen'jin and Razor Hill to meet friends of hers. As he was helping and learning, he found that he was starting to communicate with Hokkaido in his dreams and that Hokkaido was talking back.

One night, his dream about Hokkaido was different. There were four glowing totems and Hokkaido was still running, but it felt different. Rather than talk, he just watch Hokkaido run towards the fishing lake in Orgrimmar and transform into a...troll? Blinking, he found himself in that troll's exact spot and etched "We are as one" into the pier. When he awoke the next morning, he went to the pier and his etching was still there. "We always have been," spoke a soft voice in his head.

Upon hearing this, Fierros started running towards the orphanage. With the Darkmoon Faire by Thunder Bluff, he felt that he was a small flight away from freeing everyone and knew they would need somewhere to go. Unfortunately, he found out that the orphanage was full and would not be able to hold any more children. Wide awake, he decided to see Sayge and Kerri for advice and follow their advice. Taking the form of Hokkaido, he was able to walk through most of the Faire undetected. Though both were excited to see Fierros, they asked him to hold off on killing Silas for now, at least until he found a place for them to go. And so he left once again, with a promise to return once he found a new place for them to live.

He still comes by the Faire fairly often and sends Kerri letters at least once a week, under the pen name Hokkaido.

Personality Traits

  • He enjoys fighting and has been known to toy with those he kills once he knows he can win.
  • He is very much unafraid of heights. In fact, he prefers them. You'll sometimes see him balancing or doing tricks from the highest areas he can find.
  • Not serious at all. This can be both helpful (brushing off personal insults) and harmful (no sense of urgency).
  • When he is having problems finding answers or needs guidance, he falls asleep. Usually, he will find what he seeks within his dreams.
  • Rather enjoys spending his time as a wolf and has taken a strange liking to playing Fetch.

Connections to Other Characters

  • Selila - One night, Fierros dreamed about a young Blood Elf lady instantly teleporting Flik and Kerri away from the Faire. Though it meant little at the time, he was shocked when he saw her a week later at the Darkmoon Faire. He was trying to find a way to talk to her in private when Flik fell into a crying fit, attracting Selila's attention. Before he knew it, he had been adopted as a puppy, renamed Ronae and teleported to her house. Around the house, he stays in wolf form and pays special attention to her portal studies, trying to learn how to do it for himself. As she gives him an open door to the outside, he will often go adventure, returning to his humanoid form only after being well out of her sight.


Fierros is played by PunkRockWarlock.