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Selila Rose Van Helm
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Tailoring Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Selila is a Frost spec Blood Elf Mage and Cohort of AIE.


There's arrogance, there's narcissism and then there is Selila.

The daughter of a renowned high elf priest and a brilliantly beautiful human ambassador, Selila grew up in wealth. She only ever went to the finest schools and was friends with only the classiest people in Silvermoon. At the age of 10, she was sent off to Falthrien Academy to study magic, where she took an early interest in reading and was considered by several of her teachers to be a magical prodigy. She especially took a strong interest in teleportation and portal magic. By the time she was 13, she was doing her own research into how portals work and what all could be done with portals, including the summoning of food, water and even living beings to various parts of the world.

A trip to Stratholme

One night while researching late, she was summoned by her mother who was in Stratholme on official business. Selila grabbed her research and traveled to Stratholme, staying with her mother while studying. About a week later, Selila started on her return voyage to Eversong and Falthrien. She had only gone about a mile or so when she looked back and saw a cloud of smoke rising out of Stratholme. Worried for her mother, she ran back to help, but found a scourge zombie in her way as she got close. Drawing upon what magic she did know, she tried to take it out with a fireball...which had no effect. She shot out another one...nothing. And as the zombie started to lurch toward her, she felt true fear for the first time. As hard as she tried to run, she simply stood frozen in fear, awaiting her fate to be.

Just then, she saw her mother in the distance, collapsing in the middle of the street. Knowing that there was nothing to be done for her mother, Selila found the courage to run. Unsure of which direction she was headed, she looked back only occasionally to see the zombie still closing in on her. On a whim, she closed her eyes and placed as much of her magic throughout her body as she could. Concentrating on Eversong, she pictured herself at the bottom of Elrendar Falls, the water coating her face. She looked back...the zombie was still getting closer and closer. Against her own better judgment, she stopped right where she stood and pictured herself once again at the bottom of the falls. Grasping whatever magic she could find, she chanted the words "Anar'alah, al diel shala" and closed her eyes, losing herself in the surrounding magic. Feeling water all over her face, she opened her eyes to see Eversong all around. She had done it. She was safe for now.

Return on Quel'Thalas

Swimming up the river a little ways, she ran into Instructor Antheol...whom she pulled up close and cried on. After regaining her composure, the two went back to Falthrien and spent several months there. Both of them sought updates on her father, but no one had been able to find him since the massacre in Stratholme. She delved deeper into portal magic on her own, hoping that it might help her find him. Several students tried to help her with this, but most of them were solely interested in gaining her affection. She had no time for anyone like this.

A year after returning to Falthrien, Antheol woke her out of a dead sleep and told her to pack her things. The scourge were on their way. Porting everything that she could to her bank, she then acted as an apprentice for the next two years alongside Antheol, retaking the lands of Quel'Thalas. Once Silvermoon had been rebuilt, Antheol told her that her apprenticeship was nearly complete. She had but one task left to do: work to become an Ambassador for the Horde as her mother had once been for Lordaeron. He also advised her not to give up studying magic, especially portal magic.

Personality Traits

  • Highly arrogant. She tends to be standoff-ish and thinks of very few as equals.
  • Highly competitive and irascible. She will often get upset if she is not the best at anything she is doing, be it a small game or a life-changing event.
  • Friendly, compassionate and diplomatic. Though she believes few are on her level, she strongly likes to help out others. This is likely something she learned from Antheol.
  • Believes everything, from what she wears to how she acts, should be done with class.

Connections to Other Characters

  • Fierros - One day at the Darkmoon Faire, Selila saw a little orc boy crying and went to ask what was wrong. He told her that he couldn't find a home for his beautiful wolf. After petting and playing with it for a while, the child asked Selila if she would adopt the wolf, and she agreed. Naming him Ronae, she ported him to his new home and gave him a warm bed and a food and water dish. She's often amazed how attentive he is...most dogs can't fetch someone's belongings from the bank, after all. Though she believes it's far too dangerous for him to travel with her, she keeps a place open for him to go and is not too upset if he is not home right when she is.


Selila is played by PunkRockWarlock.