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Hunter crest.jpg
Twilight Vanquisher
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Enchanting Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Dills is a hunter. He shoots things in their face. He also loves you. Oh and now he's an officer in the best guild ever, AIE.

You can find Dills in several places.

The AIE Podcast, either as a host or doing his hunter segment, Hunting with Dills. Or raiding with Accidental Achievers, Drunk with Power 2.1 or on his DK, Deathdills, main tanking in SIN.

Other affiliations include -

  • Team DPS for Hire : Dills and Dahkar, pwning bad guys since 2008.
  • Yoink Burgers - Luchioun, Margles, Azar, Bhuu and Dills, 5v5 Arena squad with an emphasis on yoinking and burgering

Shout outs :

  • Imonfranky - you know why
  • Gorca - helping me with my wolf
  • Warak - finally on my friends list, number one totem puller in the world
  • Friscos - just another hunter
  • Servillia - he tank it i shoot it
  • Gufoni - Liquid Sin
  • Gerp - Hooooooo-ah-Deeeeeeeer
  • Mannibis - Seriously awesome in a lot of ways
  • Bulio - Golf Nerd
  • Ciros - Pally Power
  • Pootinky - if I were to roll a rogue, it's name would be Dillstinky
  • Gnarg - bullets AND heals? Yes please
  • Sangu - Thank you for the dps
  • Palatinus - he invited me into the guild, now we raid together
  • Gobu - wait...how much health do you have?
  • Visygoth - wait...how much healing did he just do?
  • Dye - he either stabs fast or hard, or both
  • Norser - aaaannnnnd...Norser pulled aggro again
  • Bonzzaii - one of my favorites
  • Fierehoof - put the Boom in Boomkin, and the Bop in bop-sh-bop-sh-bop

this was a bad idea, cuz I can go on forever. I really do love you guys! All of you!