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AA is a 25-man raid group for WoTLK content.

The typical AA'er has good sense of humor, likes to hear jokes, and prefers a low-stress approach to raiding.


(08-04-09) It is with a heavy heart that I type this news post. With the coming of patch 3.2, Accidental Achievers has broken up. I had great times with this group and together we achieved many guild firsts. I hope everyone enjoyed the group as much as I did. Good luck to everyone that was ever a part of this great group of players, and I wish you all continued success. Whisper me anytime - Galadeon

(06-22-09) Guys we are suspending the 25-man while Not in the Face! concentrates on downing Yogg in 10man.

(06-21-09) Woot, great job everyone! Grats to everyone who got The Antechamber, I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir, and But I'm on Your Side Assembly-25man.jpg

(06-14-2009) Another awesome night! Aurayia down on the 3rd attempt! Ignis down on the 2nd attempt, and the Heroic: The Siege of Ulduar! Also, another great Sart 2D takedown! Auyaria-25man.jpg

(06-07-2009) Awesome night everyone! Sarth+2, F.L. w/ 1 tower, and 1 shot'ing Kolo. It was unbelievable!

(05-24-09) Grats everyone on another night of progression! Kologarn down! Baby steps guys, baby steps; but we will get there. Kologarn-25man.jpg

(05-17-09) Razorscale 1-shotted! Great job everyone. We can get Ignis with some more practice. Ulduar is all about practice. Razorscale-25man.jpg

Tier 8 stats are now available @: MMO-Champion

Herbalists please note that Flasks of Endless Rage now use Goldclover instead of Fireleaf.

AA's Second sortie into Ulduar will be this Sunday (05/03/09) at 6pm server time!!!!! Check your calender for invites.

Please welcome our 2 new regulars; healers "Grandours" and "Ardario"!

Grats to everyone for the quick kill on Heroic Flame Lev., an AIE first (04/19/09). Grats to everyone who got an achievement. We will improve guys, and in no time we will get some of the other bosses down.

Grats to evevryone who was with us for the Heroic: The Safety Dance achievement on 04/12/09!

Please welcome both Varens and Eledhwen as new AA regulars. Happy Easter everyone!!

AIE's First Heroic Malygos kill!!!!!! 03/29/09

Also, grats to everyone who got the Just Can't Get Enough achievement in Naxx!

WoWScrnShot 032909 231905.jpg

Congrats to everyone who was there for our Make Quick Werk Of Him accidental achievement last Sunday (03/22/09)!

We are only the 6th Horde guild on Earthen Ring to pull it off!

AIE's First Heroic KT kill! 03/15/09

WoWScrnShot 031609 000905.jpg

Raid Times

The normal start time for our weekly raid is Sunday at 6:00pm server time. Raid invites and summons start at 5:45pm, Please be on time. Eventually we would like to do a twice-a-week schedule. Watch the forums for developments.


Invites will be sent out via the in-game Calender.

Loot Rules

Please go to the new Loot tab at the top of the page.


We highly recommend the following add-ons.


Please see our current raid progression by clicking on the link at the top of the page.