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What is the AA raid bank?

AA has a separate bank guild to help supply members for raids. The name of the guild is: Is a Cylon

How do I gain access to the AA raid bank?

Create a bank alt toon, then please contact Servillia or his alternate identity Bennet to get your alt an invite to the "Is a Cylon" bank guild.

How do I contribute materials to the AA raid bank?

You can mail contributions to Servillia or Galadeon in game. You can also deposit them directly into the "Is a Cylon" guild bank. In particular we are looking for the following items:

  • Frost Lotus
  • Icethorn
  • Lichbloom
  • Goldclover
  • Fireleaf
  • Crystallized Life
  • Enchanted Vial
  • Pygmy Oil
  • Pygmy Suckerfish
  • Musselback Sculpin
  • Glacial Salmon
  • Nettlefish
  • Northern Spices
  • Frozen Orbs
  • Infinite Dust
  • Dream Shards
  • Abyss Crystals

Please refrain from putting low level items (No greys!!) in the bank. These will be taken out and placed on the AH.