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How does AA categorize its members?

AA has two categories of members: Raiding Members and Alternates (Alts).

In order to be considered an Raiding Member, a) one must be level 80, b) be an AA member

How do non members apply for membership to AA?

Membership is by invitation after the group has had several opportunities to run with an individual. One may post to the thread on the AIE raiding board or whisper the Raid Manager/Leader to be considered for an open spot in an upcoming raid. Kindly be aware that the AA group rarely has open raid or membership spots. Invitations may therefore be infrequent.

Who are the current Members of AA?


Servillia (Prot. Warrior)
Forum name: Boomarago
Professions: Picking flowers and Alchemy (Elixirs)
ER alts: Boomarago
Bloodsoaked (Prot. Warrior)
Forum name: Ichihorn
Professions: ?
ER alts: Ichihorn
Thrakan (Prot. Warrior)
Forum name: TheLegend
Professions: Leatherworking & Jewelcrafting
ER alts: Valgrind, Hiestal, Brajj, Kawnen


Gradja (Duel Healing Priest)
Forum name: Gradja
Professions: Tailor/Miner
ER alts: Gradation
Imonfranky (Restoration Shaman)
Forum name: Dreadbwoy
Professions: Enchanting & Mining
ER alts: Dreadbwoy
Omnis (Priest)
Forum name:
ER alts: [[]]
Shinez (Healadin)
Forum name: ??
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
Bonsai (Healing Tree Thingy)
Forum name: ??
Professions: ??
ER alts: Axxl, Ted, Clunkersplunk
[[]] ()
Forum name: ??
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
[[]] ()
Forum name: ??
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??


[[]] ()
Forum name: ??
Professions: Alchemy (Transmute) and Tailoring
ER alts: ??
Bythmuster (Blood Death Knight)
Forum name: ??
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
Crowhorn ( Kitty/Bear Druid)
Forum name: Somma
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
ER alts: Oshria, Garroupa
Dahkar (Arcane Mage)
Forum name: Old Man Franks
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
ER alts: Oldmanfranks, Grothi, Durnnit
Dills (Surv. Hunter)
Forum name: dills
Professions: Enchanting and Mining
ER alts: Deathdills
Eledhwen (Ret Pally)
Forum name: pvpextrodinair
Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining
ER alts:
Friscos (Survivalist Hunter)
Forum name: Friscos
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
ER alts: Altoid, Suniva, Kerri, Derzorvadur, Servideon, Necco
Galadeon (Uber Retadin)
Forum name: wolfpackfan
Professions: Picking flowers and scribe
ER alts: Quentus, Processio, Thengol, Gaiatorus, Agarwaenn, Venatorius
Kasen (Destruction Warlock)
Forum name: Kasen
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
Luchioun (Unholy Death Knight)
Forum name: luchioun
Professions: J.C. and Mining
ER alts: ??
Mannibis (Boomkin)
Forum name: Mannibis
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
Mooigi (Elm. Shammy)
Forum name: Weege
Professions: Enchanting & Mining
ER alts: Weege
Muerten (Affliction Warlock)
Forum name: muertenAIE
ER alts: Mooveohver, Coore, Ciladara
Oceanic (Hunter)
Forum name: oceanic
Professions: ??
ER alts: ??
Punkaroo (Shadow Priest)
Forum name: punkaroo
Professions: ??
ER alts: Che
Samaiel (Surv. Hunter)
Forum name: ??
Professions: L.W. and Skinning
ER alts: ??
Sangu (Arcane Mage)
Forum name: Sangu
Professions: Enchanting and J.C.
ER alts: [Voidz, Stormhornz]
Sulegna (B.M. Hunter)
Forum name: Wing2j
Professions: Engineering and Mining
ER alts: Jezzaren
Varens (Arcane Mage)
Forum name: Wildknightj
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
ER alts:

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