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Priestess Zul'Vash
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Female
Class Priest
Professions Jewelcrafting Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Zul'Vash is a Troll Priest, and a member of Alea Iacta Est


Alert and observant, her carriage and demeanor show a level of maturity that belies her smooth face and short tusks. Her red hair is clean and well groomed, and matches her clear red eyes.

Her garments are well maintained, clean, and free of most winkles. Simple, unassuming jewelry adorns her ears, neck, arms and fingers.

She moves with a poise and grace, somewhat at odds with very lean, yet defined physique.


Precocious child that she so recently was, she did not agree with the Voodoo-based customs and teachings of her brethren. The moment she was deemed old enough, she set out for the newly established Orgrimmar in an attempt to study other belief systems.

Dissatisfied with the discourse and the culture she found there, she moved on to Thunder Bluff. While there the found the Priesthood through the recently arrived emissaries of the Forsaken, and became immediately fascinated by their teachings of the dichotomies between Light and Shadow.

Realizing that it was necessary that she hone her body as well as her mind, she took up the profession of mining to work her body and build stamina, and jewelcrafting to challenge her focus and the precision of her hands.


  • Her name. loosely translated, means “Centered in Balance.”
  • She denies ever having eaten babies.

The Die Has Been Cast

...and Zul'Vash ponders the outcome and it's effect on her life.


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