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Wyndknight Frosthoof
Knight of the Ebon Blade
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Mining Blacksmithing
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Wyndknight is a Tauren Death Knight, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Wyndknight is a strong Tauren Warrior. In life he was black and white, however, during his transformation into a Frost Death Knight, his fur turned completely white and seemingly frosted over.

Character History

Mairne Stormhoof lived with the nomadic Tauren tribes but usually never stuck around with one. When he first met the young Cairne Bloodhoof, he knew he was home. In amungst, the wondering tribe he found the beautiful Gayle Bloodhoof. Falling in love, they married and Mairne joined the defenders of the Bloodhoof tribe.

The Dreamer

Being one of the most skilled warriors, Mairne was put in charge of a squad in tribes fight against the Kolkar Centaurs. One day on patrol, they were ambushed and overwhelmed. The squad knew they were doomed and insisted that Mairne be the one to escape. Running through the Ashenvale Forest, he was suddenly surrounded. Calming himself, he pulled himself into what he referred to as a Battle Meditation. He could sense the world around him, ever blade of grass, every twitch of the centaur's fingers on the bow, the swarm of flying creatures approaching the group. Just as the leader of the centaurs loosed his arrow, Mairne rolled out of the way, threw a dagger to hit right in between the leaders eyes, and a swarm of Green Whelplings attacked the other centaurs. Mairne made a run for it to be stopped by a Green Drakonid, Korlaman. Korlaman took him to Bough Shadow where he met Ysera, the Dragon Aspect of the Dream. Ysera asked Mairne to join her and the druids in the Emerald Dream as a Dreamwarrior

Stormhoof Armor

Initially, Mairne declined the Dreamer's request. However, he asked for assistance of Ysera's flight. She granted it and left for the dream.

The dragonkin were surprisingly efficient. Materials were gathered quickly and the forge and anvil were prepared. They set up next to a stream to use for dousing. Some of the smiths among them help him smelt the metal he needed. He gave instructions to each of them and he started his work.

He thought back to his wife's teachings in armorcrafting and shamanism. She had explained that Plate armor was strong because of all elements used to create it. The metal came from the earth, it was heated by the fire of the forge of which was kept strong by air. The metal was cooled water. An understanding on how each of the elements are used and letting them shape the metal with yourself as the tool would provide a better finished product then using the elements as the tool.

Shirtless, the Tauren Warrior worked with the elements to shape the metal. He concentrated and listened to the life around him to guide his hammer. At times, his concentration was so strong, his eyes were closed and his hammer always rang true. A rhythm started as he banged away. He started humming on the first day. As the day went on, the creatures of the surrounding forest joined in on his song. The dragonkin also felt the rhythm of his song and were working to the beat. The second day was much the same, this time it all became a dance in the forging of the armor and weapons. Each peice slowly took shape being molded by the music of nature and the elements. In his meditation, Mairne could feel the Earthmother guiding his hammer. He was in complete unison with the world around him.

Five days later, the forging of the metal was complete, but there was still more to due. Resting for a time, he gave instructions to the dragonkin for the preparation for the final ceremony. It was and odd ceremony to them but it was very familiar to him. Leather and feathers were collected and his ceremonial garb started to take shape. He painted his face and arms with intricate designs of his people.

A Bonfire as built in front of the Portal and he surrounded it with the helm, breastplate, pauldrons bracers, gauntlets, hoof coverings, two 1-handed swords, one 2-handed sword, and the shield. The designs on the armor and weapons represented vines and leaves and treebark. The Helm was that of a wolf's head, the paudrons of a nightsaber and a lion.

Donning his headdress and attaching his armbands, he stood at the bonfire, closed his eyes, breathed in and touched the world around him. He was aware of every blade of grass, every animal hiding in the forest around him, of every dragonkin watching him, the fire, the armor, the air.

"Earthmother, hear my plea. Imbue my armor with your power." He stomped a hoof. He paused as natural energy starts to trickle into him. Stomp. This time a dragonkin beat a drum with him. Stomp. Drum. Stomp. Drum. The beat of the drum moved Mairne's body and he started his ceremonial dance. The world around him came alive. The animals joined in the music. Wolves howling, insects chirping, birds singing. Storm clouds started to form above as the dance grew in intensity. Rain started pouring and Lightning and thunder clapped in time with the music.

Roots and vines started growing over the armor completely covering it. The swords and shield were not covered. The growth covered armor started glowing with natural energy. Steams of the energy reached up from the ground and waved around like seaweed in the ocean. Mairne picked up the one handed swords and danced with them, catching the energy tentacles. He turned the swords around in his hand and thrusted them into the ground and they were immediately covered in the roots. Picking up the shield and two handed sword and beat the sword on the shield. He danced with the natural energy, catching it on the shield and the tip of the sword. He layed the shield down and it was covered in roots and he continued dancing through the forms of swordplay. Energy was drawn to the sword and followed all his movements. The sword glowed from the energy. Chanting to himself, Mairne danced with the sword around the bonfire drawing in more energy as the dance, music and storm grew more intense. Despite the rain, the Bonfire burned more in tensely then the start. The dance grew to a crescendo and with both hands, he thrust the sword into the ground. He did not let go as the roots covered the sword and his hands and the portal burst open.

The rain stopped, the animals were dead silent, the fire was completely out, and no one moved. The portal shimmered in silence as energy emerged from it. Much like the natural energy tentacles of Azeroth, the energy of the Emerald Dream reached out to Mairne and the Armor. It joined with the natural energy already glowing inside it. The circle of armor and weapons started to glow brightly ans streams of energy from the Dream attached itself to each piece of armor and each weapon. Then energy imbued itself into Mairne as well.

"I hear your call on the wind, Earthmother. I accept your charge and . . . am . . . ready." His eyes closed and he started to fall over. Korlaman stepped up and caught him. The tauren's hand broke free of the roots covering the hilt of the two handed sword. After his hands were free, the roots grew back.

"He's dreaming." Korlaman announce. He looked around at the magical display. "All we can do is wait."

The Dreamwarrior

Mairne did wake and don his new armor and weapons. He entered the Emerald Dream just as the portal was being attacked by the Nightmare. He declared his new name of Wyndknight Stormhoof and charged into the fray.

For two decades, Wyndknight would fight in the Dream. He learned to use his inherent Druidic abilities to enhance his warrior abilities. In addition, he taught the druid in the dream how to fight more effectively. Eventually he was sent back to Azeroth to check on the four portals to the Dream. He was also sent to hunt agents of the Nightmare who creeped into Azeroth.

Meeting The Warchief

During his hunt he visited the location of what would become Orgrimmar. He worked with the orcs and few tauren building the city. All the while, Wyndknight kept to himself and inconspicuous. One day, after a long hard days work, the Warchief sat next to Wyndknight and offered him water and some meat. As they sat and chat, Wyndknight sensed an approaching Nightmare Creep. He killed it before it could attack the Warchief. Having learned of the threat, Wyndknight and Thrall went and found the source of the creeps, a Horror Lord. With Thrall's assistance, Wyndknight was able to destroy the Horror Lord.

Fall of the Dreamwarrior

After visiting Seradane to make sure the portal was secure, Wyndknight felt a taint in the land to the north. Upon climbing over the mountain separating The Hinterlands and Eastern Lorderon, he found a diseased land. He wandered into it hoping to find the source and destroy it. As he approached Light's Hope Chapel, he was exhausted from the pain of the plagued lands. With the help and healing from the Argent Dawn and a druid of the Cenarion Circle, he recovered and joined in the fight of the Scourge.

He looked around the hill into Browman Mill. He snorted, not very many scourge. He drew his swords and started walking toward the mill. He flourished his blades, charging them with natural energy, and swiped one sword sending a wrath bolt a the closest banshee. The banshee disappated from the blast and Wyndknight's squad charged in. He got lost in the battle as more abominations, Skeletons and banshees entered the fray. He didn't notices the 5 riders looking down onto the mill.

The Deathchargers stamped their hooves in anticipation as the fighting Scourge were gradually defeated by the Dreamwarrior, paladins, and warriors of the Agent Dawn. The leader of the Death Knights drew the Corrupted Ashbringer. "Wipe them out. All of them." The knights charged down into the melee.

He had been distracted. He cursed under his breath when he finally heard the pounding hooves of the deathchargers. Very close. He swiped his sword, destroying a skeleton and rolled out of the way of the chargers. He raised a sword to parry a strike on one of the Death Knights.


His warning came too late. By the time he regained his feet, half the fighters were dead. The other's struggling against the elite Death Knights and the disease they inflict. Some froze with frost fever. Others decayed from an unholy blight. Wyndknight plunged his swords into the ground calling on moonfire. He hit 4 of the knights, but the other seemed to be unphased by the attack. The Knight he missed turned to him and started walking forward. He beat the Argent knights that dared to get close to him, slicing some through with . . . Wyndknight's eyes grew in surprise. It was The Ashbringer.

"Mograine." The dreamwarrior stood, sheathed his one handed sword, drew his two hander, stuck it deep into the ground and recited a quick incantation. The blight around the sword suddenly withdrew, fresh grass grew and root reached out and surrounded the sword's hilt. A beam of moonlight surrounded the patch making it glow. "Earthmother do not forsake me." He drew his one hand swords again and swung them around, charging them up again. Mograine took the initiative and reached out to the Tauren with death's grip. He accepted the grip, taking advantage as it threw him into the air to land in front of the Highlord. His crashed against the Ashbringer, pushing Mograine back. A sudden chill struck, chilling him to the bone. He channeled through his swords to keep himself warm. Just a little longer for the sword to charge. He charged Mograine attacking with fury.

"You're anger is impressive, tauren. You would make an excellent Death Knight." Mograine's taunt struck Wyndknight, but he kept his face cold, free of emotion. Mograine attacked, Wyndknight parried, attack, parry, wrath, death coil. "Yes, you are a cold one." An Icy Touch stuck him again. He channeled through his swords again. "Yes, my master will be glad to have you." The Ashbringer clashed with one of Wyndknight's swords, and shattered it. Swinging it the other way, Mograine shattered the other sword. Wyndknight dropped the useless hilts. Channelling, he threw a wrath bolt, pushing Morgraine back, he turned and ran for the sword he left in the ground.


"Never turn your back on me, Tauren." Mograine walked towards the frozen Tauren. Wyndknight looked down and saw half The Ashbringer sticking out from his chest. His ears twitched and he realized there were no more sounds of battle.

He felt the cold of something approaching. "Excellent work, Mograine. Not very many people can defeat a warrior of his caliber." The creature moved in front of him. He had to look up to see the face of the Lich, Kel'thuzad. He had a hard time moving his head. "Hmm," The Lich said. "He's not dead yet." Wyndknight didn't move at all. Kel'thuzad poked the tauren's forehead. He didn't budge. Kel'thuzad looked at Mograine. "He's frozen too. How many times did you hit him with an Icy Touch."

Mograine thought for a moment. "Five, maybe six times?"

The Lich was surprised. "Most people can't handle two times. Hmm, intriguing." Mograine pulled The Ashbringer out of the tauren's body. He didn't fall over, he was now completely frozen. "Take him. We must study him. I want to know why he's not dead yet." The Lichlord's servants collected the frozen Tauren.

Over the following weeks, Wyndknight was trapped inside his frozen body watching as he was studied. They delved him with magic and even tried to cut him open. They couldn't get into him at all. Then Mograine returned and looked into the tauren's eyes.

"Well, tauren, it looks like you'll have the pleasure of an audience with The Lich King."

Icewynd Frosthoof

Wyndknight was taken to the Halls of Reflection and the Lich King. Using Frostmourne, The Lich King absorbed the remaining part of Wyndknight's soul into Frostmourne and resurrected his now albino body naming him Icewynd Frosthoof.

Frosthoof trained as a Frost Death Knight and excelled at everything Amal'thazad taught him. He was sent to Acherus to for the destruction of the Scarlet Enclave. He slaughtered in the name of the Lich King. He slaughtered them with pride.


Gayle Stormhoof listened to the Wind and was told she needed to be with her children, as their father, now corrupted, would be there, and they needed to redeem him. All would be there. She grabbed her apprentice Craf, decked Craf and herself in the Stormhoof's Thunder Mail, and made haste to Light's Hope Chapel.

Icewynd Frosthoof watched the battle of Light's Hope Chapel from afar. He knew the Lich King sent them to their doom. While he defied his master in not entering the battle, but he knew he'd serve him better alive. He turned around and slowly made his way back to Browman Mill and back to Acherus.

Gayle charged through the Battle at Light's Hope with the riding wolf mounts she procured. She called for her Children, the Wynds of Azeroth, to follow her and they made their way up to Browman Mill. There they intercepted Icewynd and kept him busy as Breezegol and Wyndgem went to get the sword Wyndknight implanted in the ground nearby. Breezegol sensed something in the Emerald Dream and dreamwalked.

The world around Breezegol looked completely different. The deciduous forest was lush with greenery.

"Golwyn." A voice said behind her. She turned around and for the first time saw her true father threw a beam of light shining on the ground approximately where the sword was buried in the real world. A tear started to well up in her eye. She tried to keep her composure.

"You are Mairne Stormhoof?" She spoke with little emotion, matter of factly. She stood straight.

"Yes, I am."

"I am Breezegol Stormhoof, Guardian of Cenarius, Wynd of Azeroth, Druid of the Horde. My kin are facing a Death Knight, and I found this sword. Can you tell me why it's buried in the ground and covered in roots?" She folded her hands in front of her calmly.

The spirit grunted, "Well, Breezegol Stormhoof, Guardian of Cenarius, Wynd of Azeroth, Druid of the Horde. I put it there. It was part of a spell to empower it for my fight with Darion Mograine. To cast the spell I put part of my soul into it. Which is why you see me here now. The roots are protection that only a Dream Warrior can unravel." He noticed the smirk that creeped onto Breezegol's face. "Yes, Wyndgem is very powerful, but to use the sword for what you need it to do, he's going to need your help. He will release the sword, but you will have to use it. You will return my soul back to my body but be warned, I will never be the same tauren. You are only looking at a sliver of my soul. Returning it will break the Lich King's control, return memories of his old life, but he will be forever changed. Mairne Stormhoof is dead."

She couldn't take it any more. She broke down and cried. The spirit knelt down and held his daughter. "I never got to meet you." She leaned into the spirit for comfort. "Wanted to see you so much. My brother's and sister would tell so many stories of you. I was jealous."

"It's too late to truly make it up to you, Golwyn. I'm truly sorry. I was there when you were born, watching everything from the Dream. Now, from the Dream, I want to help you redeem Wyndknight Stormhoof and bring him back to the people he loved." The spirit of Mairne Stormhoof helped his daughter up. "Return to your body now. Go. I will be there with you." She watched her father and the Dream fade as she returned to her body.

Upon return she informed Wyndgem on what needed to be done. Using his more advanced skill as a druid, he cast the spell to release the sword. Drawing it, the natural magic imbued in the sword armored him in Dreamwarrior armor. He gave the sword to Breezegol and charged into the fight. The spirit of Wyndknight Stormhoof helped Breezegol lift the sword, channel Rebirth through it, and launch the empowered spell into the empty shell that was Icewynd Frosthoof. The spirit was absorbed into the spell. Wyndgem added his rebirth to the spell, however, it would not complete. The remaining Wynds casted their resurrection spells to assist. With a Resurrection Shot from Wyndmane, the spell completed, breaking the hold of the Lich King.

Though part of his soul was returned to him, he did not think the same as he did before. While he did take back the name of Wyndknight, he did not take back the name Stormhoof. His experiences from being a Death Knight of the Scourge forever changed him and he kept part of the name the Lich King gave him, Frosthoof.

Together the Wynds of Azeroth returned to Light's Hope to finish the battle.

Current Events

Wyndknight Frosthoof has fully joined the ranks of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He had secured high reputation with the factions of the Horde and in Northrend. He is always looking for another fight, and more scourge to destroy. Ice Crown Citadel continues to call him name. He hope to be there, when the Lich King is destroyed.

In Combat

Wyndknight is a master of duel wielding. He enjoys the flexibility two weapons afford him. His spells focus mainly on the Path of Frost. While he does use some abilities from that of Blood and Unholy, he does not find them very interesting.

Connections to other Characters

  • Wyndgem - His eldest son, Wyndgem followed in the footsteps of his father, first a warrior, then a druid. The two keep a basic father and son relationship, however, the pain of being abandoned when he was you still stings Wyndgem. Wyndknight knowing he is not the man he was feels the regret for what his past life did. While their relationship is not very close, they do stay in contact and frequently help each other in their endeavors.
  • Wyndbane - After the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel, Wyndknight did not see Wyndbane. Infact, despite the Argent Crusade into Northrend to battle the Scourge, Wyndbane has completely disappeared. Wyndknight is a little disappointed as he wished to fight along side his son to defeat the Lich King. Wyndbane returned after the Cataclysm as a paladin. He despises his father for his dark tendencies.
  • Wyndwar - One of the rockiest relationships Wyndknight has, Wyndwar is the Fiance of Wyndknight's daughter Breezesil. Wyndknight and Wyndwar frequently clash with each other mostly because of their inherant warrior instincts. Several times, the two have been know to get into a heated arguments, flinging insults at each other and starting a brawl. Breezesil, having much the same type of tension with her father, usually ends up sitting back and watching. She still doesn't forgive Wyndknight for abandoning her as a child.
  • Wyndcraft - Wyndcraft is the complete opposite to Wyndwar, although he is the boyfriend to Breezegol, Wyndknight's youngest daughter. He has always been shy tauren. Wyndknight respects Wyndcraft for his trade skill abilities and healing abilities. However, Wyndcraft is intimidated by Wyndknight. Wyndknight does his best to alleviate Wyndcraft's fears.
  • Wyndmane - If any one of Wyndknight's children is with him the most, it's Wyndmane. Wyndmane likes his father's new brutal, take no prisoners attitude. They can be frequently seen together in a pub, laughing and drinking. Wyndknight and Wyndmane are one of the deadliest pairs on Azeroth.
  • Jeoffery - Despite having demonic pets, Jeoffery acts almost like a pet to Wyndmane and Wyndknight. Following the pair around and doing as he's told. The insane Forsaken Warlock, can't wait to lay waste to whatever his masters want him to. While Wyndknight does take Jeoffery with him on occassion, he is more frequently with Wyndmane.
  • Wyndburn - Wyndknight and Wyndburn have only met a couple of times through Wyndgem. They have not had enough time to develope much of a relationship.
  • Tugna - A former druid now a Priest of An'she and former partner of Wyndgem. He has met Wyndknight many a time when Wyndgem needed Wyndknight's assistance.

Views on other races and factions

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Wyndknight is played by User:Wyndgem.