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Druid crest.jpg
Wyndgem Stormhoof
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Druid
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Wyndgem Stormhoof


Wyndgem is a druid devoted to the Balance of Nature and the Emerald Dream. He is considered an outsider of the Cenarion Circle although he still maintains relations to the Druids of Nighthaven. Many do not know his real name except his family. Cairne Bloodhoof once asked his mother, and she said "Wyndgem" then winked. It is believe that Wyndgem is more of a title then a name.


Hooves beat on the ground as the young Tauren ran through the woods of Ashenvale. His target was right in front of him and he had to catch up. He gave a growl sounding almost like a lion on the hunt. His target veared left to round a mound but he ran up it and leaped off the top, tackling his father. They fell to the ground, father letting out an "Ooof" as they hit. The son giggled.

"Well, you got me." The father said.

Catching his breath, the son replied, "I got you."

"Now what?"

"Bet you can't catch me before we get back to the camp."

"We'll see about that."

The two stood up quickly and started sprinting back to the campsite.

Time Passes

"Come on, you can do better than that. I'm not even breaking a sweat." The father casually blocked his now grown up son's swing with his practice shield. The two spared for a little longer, the son roared like a lion as he attacked. "Vicious." The father stepped back and the brawl stopped. "I'd make a warrior of of you yet."

"Stormhoof?" The father and son turned to the newcomer. "Mairne Stormhoof?"

"That's me," The father responded.

"The Kolkar are on the move and High Chieftain Bloodhoof is enlisting you in the fight."

The father turned back to his son. "I must go. Be well, take care of the family. I'll be back."

"Fight well, father. May the Earthmother watch over you." The son watched as his father left.

Time passes

Hamuul Runetotem watched the Young Tauren practicing with his staff. He was young compared to Hamuul but an adult in his own right. The tauren's movement was fluid and his attacks would strike like a snake. After one form, the Tauren roared like a lion. Another demonstrated his power like a bear. Hamuul sensed nature's guidance in his movements.


Hamuul's companion stepped forward, "Yes, Master."

"What do you see in him?" Hamuul pointed to the practicing Tauren.

Nara studied the Tauren, who stopped his staff practice and was now meditating, the staff across his knees. She took a deep breathe and peeked into the Emerald Dream. A aura appeared around the Tauren, a torrent of conflicting emotions, desires, and a connection to the world around him. She watched as she saw an elf walk up behind him. The elf was in the dream. A veil covered her eyes as she stepped up behind the Tauren. "There's an elf standing next to him in the Dream, Master."

Hamuul looked at Nara, curious. He took a deep breathe of his own and soon, he saw the same as Nara. He knew immediately who the elf was, "Ysera, the Dreamer!"

The figure bent down and whispered into the Tauren's ear. The druids could not hear what she was saying. The elf stood, turned and walked away.

The two druids looked at each other, disconnecting from the dream. They looked back at the Tauren, who eyes were now open and he was standing. "You know, years ago, my father left to fight the Kolkar. He didn't come back, nor was he dead, the other warriors would have known. He just, disappeared. Since then I've been training as a warrior. I've trained in Thunder Bluff and in Orgrimmar. I have learned a lot about being a warrior, but never felt it to be my true calling. I was just trying to follow in my father's foot steps." He approached the druids. "Now, I've had a dream. One that has changed my life, and is guiding me on my true path." He planted his staff standing tall and announced. "Arch Druid Runetotem, Druid Wildmane. My name is Wyndgem Stormhoof, and I seek training as a druid."