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AIE sounds awesome--how do I join?

I heard about the Alea Iacta Est WoW guild from The Instance/The AIE Podcast/friends and was wondering how do I join?

For brand new members of the AIE Gaming Community, we accept applications via our UMAMI system. If you are an existing member in another game, such as SWTOR, Rift, or EVE, then you can use your same Umami login to apply a WoW toon.

What server and faction is Alea Iacta Est in WoW?

AIE is a horde only guild on the Earthen Ring-US server.

I want to move my main character from my old server to Earthen Ring so I can join AIE. What should I do?

  1. First: we highly recommend that you create a character on Earthen Ring, level it to 10, and join the guild first. This lets you check out our community and see if we’re a good fit for you.
  2. If you decide to transfer a toon over from another server, we ask that you fill out your application until after the transfer. If you have to change your name, your application may be wrong.
  3. If your name got changed, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fix your application so you can get in.

My characters name has a funky letter in it, will that be a problem?

Having a special letter in your name is allowed, but it can make things more difficult for an officer to send you a guild invite. Please know what the alt code is as an officer may ask you for it. Just make sure that your app and your character name match!

Alright, I just got into AIE, what should I do next?

I’m trying to create an account on the myextralife forums, but I don’t understand that one question, Obey who?

The interwebs contain the answer you seek!

Are there any add-ons I should be using?

Yes indeedy. There are some FAQs below, and a write up on Recommended Add-Ons.

What do you guys use for voice communication?

We use Mumble. Yup yup.

Cool, I just downloaded Mumble. What is the password & server information?

The Mumble info is listed on the Mumble main page.

So, I've been a member for awhile, but I have a few questions...

There are so many people in AIE, I feel a little lost. What can I do?

Don’t feel lost!! Here are some great tips on how to participate with others in the community, and not get lost in the shuffle.

I've been a Pleb for a while... How long before I get promoted to Cohort?

All Plebs in good standing with the guild are promoted to Cohort after 2 months (~8 weeks).

I am in AIE WoW and I just rolled an alt. Do I just ask for an invite from the officers?

Every toon in AIE must have an approved application on file in UMAMI. Just sign into your UMAMI account and fill out an application for your alt. You can apply for your alts at any time during the month. Remember to WAIT until you have received your acceptance email before joining /aielfo and asking for an invite.

I have been away a long time, and now I am not in the guild! How do I get back in?

If you were removed for inactivity, simply join chat channel /aielfo and ask an officer for an invite. If your toon is listed in UMAMI, there is no need to reapply.

Is it possible to request a specific co-guild when joining AIE in WoW?

There may be many reasons why you want in a specific co-guild, but in reality, they are all equal. With the addition of Greenwall, being in a specific co-guild doesn’t really matter. We also have to balance the membership across all the co-guilds. Also remember, not every officer has a toon in each co-guild. There may not be an officer online in the co-guild you want. Generally, for these reasons, we ask that you only request to join a specific co-guild if your raid team is in that specific one. This can be accomplished by your raid leader or by asking the officers in advance by emailing them at with your available online time so we can ensure that an officer in that co-guild will be available for invites.

Is there a max number of characters I can have in AIE WoW?

Nope! You can have one or 50. Just remember, each one needs an application filled out.

What if I want to remove one of my toons to another guild? Do I have to remove all of mine from AIE?

No. As long as you are still a member of good standing, your other toons can remain in AIE. Just keep in mind, in order to use our Mumble server, you must have at least one character in the guild.

A guild member in AIE WoW did something awesome!! I think they deserve some recognition. How do I do that?

We have a recognition program for outstanding members called the "Guildie of the Moment". You can nominate someone awesome by sending us your story.

Is there anything else about the Guild I should know?

Is there a listing of all of the co-guilds and what the names mean?

Of course there is a Co-guild list!

What are the rules about the Guild Bank? Should I deposit stuff? Can I get things out of another co-guild’s bank?

Whoa! That's a lot of questions. Fortunately they are all answered on the Guild Vault Policies page.

Where else can I find out about what is going on in the guild?

Besides our wonderful forums, and wiki, there is also The AIE Podcast. The hosts cover not only WoW but the other games that AIE is involved in.

Who the heck is Gerp?

  1. Gerp is the name of our venerable robot hunter overlord; he is accompanied by his pet and great friend, Henry. (As a member of AIE you are expected to Obey Henry at all times.)
  2. Gerp is a character played by Scott Johnson, one of the founders of AIE.

Then, what the heck is GERP?

GERP stands for Guild Expansion Readiness Program; this is how AIE checks out new games, and maybe makes a guild there, like we have with EVE, Rift, and SW:tOR.

A bunch of people in my co-guild just got removed. I am freaking OUT!

Don't freak out :)

I am still freaking out! What just happened? (Please hold me.)

We have to remove inactive characters because we have hundreds of new characters joining every month. At the end of each month, we go through each co-guild and purge out any character that has been inactive for 3 months or more. Note: Make sure to play all of your active characters periodically, since you can loose guild reputation if you are removed and don't get invited back within 10 days.

Does AIE have a guild on the Alliance side?

The AIE WoW guild has no plans to extend cross faction. If that changes, there will be a post from the officers about it on the forums.

Officers - OMG! We have officers???

Is there a listing of all the officers in AIE?

You can find a listing of all the WoW officers on the World of Warcraft Officers page.

How do I find an officer in game?

All on-duty officers can be found by joining chat channel /aielfo, even if you recognize an officer in the wild, they may not be on-duty, please respect their play time too. Also, please be patient. Even officers in /aielfo could be busy with another guild member or in a dungeon/raid. They will help you as soon as they can.  :)

How do I find an officer outside of WoW?

The officers can be reached by emailing them at

What if I have a problem with a fellow AIE member in WoW?

We please ask that you do NOT take problems with guild members to a public setting, like the forums or guild chat. Please chat log or screen shot the incident, and email that information, along with anything else pertinent, to the officers at

I was an officer in my previous guild, how do I become an officer here?

Officers in AIE are chosen for their leadership, maturity, commitment to the community, personality, etc.. Current officers can nominate someone to become one, and there is an internal review process. Historically, repeatedly asking to become an officer is not a good way start the process--since officers actively play the game, they always keep an eye out for quality guildies. (Remember, good works are their own reward!)

Add-Ons, what are those?

What is this Greenwall I keep hearing about?

"Greenwall" was our affectionate name for guild chat, since with so many members, it forms a wall of green text when it gets going. When we became several guilds during the AIE Guild Cataclysm and Reforging our Stigg created GreenWall, an add-on that allows all of the co-guilds to communicate in one combined guild chat. This allows you to talk to people in other co-guilds without having to use custom chat channels. Greenwall is available through Curse and, once installed, it works automatically. Just talk in guild chat like normal.

How do I turn off guild achievement announcements in greenwall addon?

Enter the command: /gw achievements off
If you want to know more, read about GreenWall to see all configuration options.

How do I get my main's name to show up in guild chat?

There is an add-on called Identity, that you can download from Curse. Once you have it installed, just follow these simple steps:
/id main <Your Name>
/id enable g
Just remember, Identity is only for you main’s name or “main”. If you put anything else in Identity, you will be asked to change it.

Guild Events - Be There or Be Square

What is the Craft Faire and/or how can I help?

The Craft Faire is a huge in-game guild event held twice a year. People in the guild donate materials for all professions by mailing them to the Captain of that Profession. Then, on the date of the event, you can meet up with all the Captains in SMC and level your professions for free (except for vendor items, like thread) with the materials donated by everyone in the guild. This is a great way to meet guild members and level up your professions. Or you can contact the organizer of the event and help volunteer to give back to the community.

What is COOP?

COOP stands for Creamy Orange Otter Pop. It is also our code name for massive PvP action, like killing the Alliance leaders. We have specific COOP leaders that organize these events. You are free to organize them yourself at any time, but please do not use the term COOP unless a COOP leader specifically said to.

I was thinking of holding a raffle or contest for the guild. What do I do?

There's a great write up on the Raffles and Contests Guidelines that will explain everything.

Leveling, Dungeon, and Raid Teams Oh My!

How can I find a dungeon group or raid team in AIE?

You can check the forums for dungeon groups or raid teams that are recruiting new members, or you can join the in-game chat channel /aielfg and ask for a group. Many raid teams announce in /aielfg channel when they need additional members for their raid. You can also use the add-on AIE Call to Arms to find groups.

I have a raid team in AIE and we want to all be in the same co-guild for achievements--how do we do that?

The raid leader needs to email the officers at with a list of all the raid members’ names, what co-guild they need to be moved into, and what times everyone is available. There is a detailed post on the forums that explains the entire process.

Is there a listing of all the raid teams in AIE?

There is a Raid Team Summary page that shows raid teams. It is not always current, so please check the Team Recruitment forums for the most up to date information.