Raffles and Contests Guidelines

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The Alea Iacta Est is all about fun--and guildie run events are a huge part of that. Contests and raffles have the potential to be very fun, but also can be the source of problems and drama if not handled appropriately. Based on our experience, these are the requirements to run an AIE contest or raffle.


Make sure all participant, judges, etc. know how the contest/raffle will be run and how winners are selected, and how funds gathered will be accounted for.


People need to know about the contest, but don't spam them.

  • Announce the contest in a forum thread.
  • It is acceptable to mention the contest in guild chat, but only to point people to the forum thread, and no more often than once an hour.


This is an aspect of transparency, but makes things simple and clear, both for your own sanity, and for the players.

  • State the rules clearly.
  • No changes to rules or dates once published.
  • If you are holding a drawing, specify how the winner will be chosen.
  • If you are holding a trivia contest, specify the authoritative source for the answers.


If the contest/raffle involves the exchange of gold or in-game materials, the contest/raffle must be approved by the AIE officers.

  • The value of prizes awarded must meet or exceed the value of gold/materials taken in. Raffles are not meant to be an avenue for personal gain.
  • If outlay by players is involved, it’s even more important to be transparent and clear.
  • Limit prizes to in-game items or commodities. If you want to award real-world prizes, contact the officers first.

Collecting Information

  • Do not collect personal information beyond online addresses (character names, forum names, etc.).
  • State clearly who is eligible to participate and ensure that the requirements do not run afoul of AIE's non-discrimination policies.


To start the ball rolling, write up the planned forum post for the contest, with all the details, and email it to officers@aie-guild.org


  • Use a forums post, or Google Docs spreadsheet, and make it publicly viewable
  • Put thought into how the prizes will be awarded. Do players have to be present?
  • A public /roll is the most transparent and exciting, but the ordering of prizes can be a problem. There are many options--plan this out ahead of time. Talk to previous contest runners and/or the officers to avoid gotchas.