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Twyste Spiritwalker
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Professions Mining Engineering
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Afternoon Delight

Drunk with Power


Level 80 Tauren Shaman, currently specializing in the skills of Restoration.

Guild Affiliation

Currently a Cohort and has been in the guild for over two years.

Weapons and Armor

[|Armory Link]

Alternate Characters

Balerius, 80 Blood Elf Hunter

Klahtu, 80 Orc Death Knight

Thorvall, 76 Blood Elf Paladin

Valerion, 70 Human Warlock

Duskblayde, 12 Troll Rogue