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Balerius Swiftstrike
of the Shattered Sun
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Professions Skinning Leatherworking
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Afternoon Delight

Drunk with Power


Level 80 Blood Elf Hunter, currently specializing in the skills of Marksmanship.

Guild Affiliation

Currently a Cohort and has been in the guild for over two years.

Weapons and Armor

[|Armory Link]


Born in Silvermmon City to a Mage father and a Priest mother. He took an early interest in the wild things of life. Although his parents, both magic users, were not too thrilled that their son did not share their love of the arcane, they supported him nonetheless.

Drawn to the outdoors and his love of animals, he joined the Hunter training school in Farstrider Square. Having a natural aptitude for ranged weapons, he excelled in markmanship. However, he wasn't too keen with traps, always setting them off a bit to early and ending up burning or freezing his instructors.

After graduating with honors, the next day would be the worst of his life... the Scourge invasion of Silvermoon City. The Blood Elf race was decimated with the onslaught of the Lich King's minions. Many Blood Elves died that day, two of which were his parents. But there was no time to grieve. A week later he went into the wild to study under the Orcs and Trolls in Orgrimmar. Years later, he came upon a band of adventurers in a guild called Alea Iacta Est. Many days later, he had befriended many of his new guildmates. Most notable amongst these were the Guild Caesar Maui, Imperators Gerp and Winema, many of the Centurions and countless Cohorts, all of whom he considers close and trusted friends.

With his new friends he accomplished many feats of heroism. The infiltration of Karazhan, the defeat of Gruul and his ogre minions, the taking of the Naga stronghold of Serpentshrine Cavern and the wresting away of Tempest Keep. But it was after the taking back of the Black Citadel and the exploration of Zul'Aman that he became truly tested. Word was sent to him of a growing threat north of Silvermoon City, a place where he could find vengeance for his parents. The Isle of Quel'Danas.

Not only was this the resting place of the immensely powerful Sunwell but it was also a place where his parents would take him to try to learn the ways of the arcane. This place was very dear to him, from the overlooks of the Magister's Terrace to the awe-inspiring power and wisdom of those dwelling in the Sunwell Plateau. It was now a place overrun with demons and their corrupted energies. The Shattered Sun Initiative was now the only thing standing between the demons and their conquering of Azeroth.

Through his countless feats of strength over the many weeks and months to come, those in command graciously bestowed him the Shattered Sun title. His trusted guildmates now required of him a new task. The continent of Northrend lay open to them and with it, the chance to strike at the heart of the Scourge and the source of all his ills, the Lich King.

Alternate Characters

Klahtu, 80 Orc Death Knight

Twyste, 80 Tauren Shaman

Thorvall, 76 Blood Elf Paladin

Valerion, 70 Human Warlock

Duskblayde, 12 Troll Rogue