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Obex Risfang
The Blood Wolf
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Death Knight
Professions Mining Jewelcrafting
Guild Alea Iacta Est


Obex is generally the calm, stoic sort of individual, almost robotic in demeanor and tone, though this is improving over time. Most of his personality, however, shows when he is in the midst of battle, as the use of particular runes in his blade shifts his attitude and traits to wildly varying modes.

The use of blood runes changes his demeanor into something that can only really be described as "hot-blooded", unafraid to challenge anything and charging headlong into battle, almost turning into a mental animal when these runes overtake his personality and shoot him into hysteria. When fighting, this is generally the standard presence and runes he refers to, despite the recklessness that is also involved.

Frost runes shift him into something similar to his standard personality, though a bit more vocal. He becomes cold, calculating, and sarcastic, only focusing on the next objective to achieve or the next target to be taken down.

Unholy runes are the ones used least, as these shift his personality back to something similar to what he was during his sway under The Lich King. He becomes maniacal, wanting nothing more than to destroy anything in his path in the most painful way imaginable, cackling throughout.

Immediately after breaking away from the Lich King, he was completely subjected to the will and personality shifts caused by his runes, but after campaigning through Northrend and starting to personally redeem himself by helping to fight back the scourge, he has been improving his control over his own powers and becoming his normal self once again.


Originally, his appearance matched his robotic, apathetic behavior: almost covered completely in plate at all times, even sleeping, with all the armor patchwork in colors and styles, only taking and using what was the strongest and best, regardless of how it looked. However, as with his personality, his appearance is becoming more elf-like as his campaign and repentance in Northrend continues, removing his helmet and showing that he has kept surprisingly well, despite being dead since the Third War.


Originally a high elf named Beo from Silvermoon, Obex had lived what most would consider a somewhat normal life, though his affiliation with the society of high elves he was born into was...loose, at best. He preferred the life of the warrior and mercenary, wandering from town to town in Lordaeron and finding a means to live through the occasional job. It was through this lifestyle that he found his love and eventual wife, Sylvia, originally a citizen of Gilneas who had also chosen to abandon their secluded ways before they shut themselves behind the Greymane Wall.

Then came the Third War, where Beo chose to align himself with his elf brethren once again and fight to prevent the oncoming threat of the scourge as they made their way to the Sunwell, also aiding in the evacuation of Silvermoon's citizens. This was where he fell, one of the many slain my Arthas and his minions as they made their way through what is now The Dead Scar, while Sylvia escaped with the rest of Silvermoon's civilians. During the time of the Third War after this event, and for several following years, she became affiliated with The Argent Dawn, working to avenge the death of her husband to the Scourge.

Unfortunately, she was one of the few captured by The Scarlet Crusade and imprisoned at New Avalon when Acherus appeared.

Beo's corpse was one of the ones used to bolster the Lich King's forces, becoming a death knight under his sway and aiding in the destruction of New Avalon and its citizens with much the same demeanor as he had in life, seeing them as nothing more than monsters and villains. That is, until he was instructed to go and aid in the killing of prisoners the Crusade kept. There, Beo and Sylvia met once again, and Beo could not force himself to stop his hand, regardless of what is soul thought and tried, as his blade came down upon her.

It was in her death that Beo became Obex. His soul was sent into shock by what he had done, what he had witnessed against his whole will, and he basically became a broken man, his original personality shattering as complete and utter apathy and sorrow took over, to the point that the runes powering his blade were actually capable of taking him over somewhat. He continued down the path of the other death knights of the Ebon Hold, present for the Battle at Light's Hope and the formation of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, but his apathy remained. He simply was moving on from one objective to the next, regardless of who gave him the order or request. Because of this, when being sent of the capital city of his affiliation, he was mistaken for a blood elf, though he was a high elf originally and had no association with fel magics, and sent to Orgrimmar, where he began his work under the Horde and allied himself with Alea Iacta Est.

Throughout it all, he remained cold and almost robotic, until he was strong enough to venture to Northrend, fighting with the thousands of others to stop the Lich King once and for all. During this, he began to feel as though he was repenting for the death of his own wife, as well as all the other innocents he killed during his time with The Lich King, and little by little, his original personality began to reform. The ultimate turning point for this shift was from the death of Thaddius in Naxxramas, the being made from the flesh of women and children whose agonized cries could be heard throughout the necropolis, and one of the voices he heard was that of the wife he had killed, her remains apparently being used to bolster and support the creature. It was in its death that he felt he finally put her spirit to rest, and now continues to exist solely to aid those around them and help them free from their own pain and suffering in the only way he can.


Because of his complex history of alliances, while he is allied with the Horde (particularly Orgrimmar, as they were the first to accept him in his current state), he has no desire to hinder or damage the Alliance, unless they act out of line and seek to actively attack their side, at which point he has no choice but to fight.

While he has a history with both The DPS Team and Noogie Nights, he has begun to assist the raid team TBD as he assists in the assault of Icecrown Citadel.



  • Live...for those around you.
  • No regrets...
  • I will...not yield.
  • For The Horde...For The Alliance...For Everyone...!

Blood Presence/Runes

  • I am the sword that CLEAVES EVIL! There is nothing my blade cannot cut!
  • Real men press on, regardless of how dire the circumstances!

Frost Presence/Runes

  • You're not worthy to be my opponent...
  • You exist because I allow it, and you will die because I demand it.

Unholy Presence/Runes

  • Suffer! Death! Destruction! Kill them ALL!! HAAAAAhahahahaha!