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Mission Statement:
Noggie Nights is a casual, two night a week raid group exploring the 10 man raid game. While we are casual, raid members are expected to know their roles, learn the fights and maintain their gear to the best of their ability. A member should ask themselves, "How can I help 9 other people succeed?" We extend an expectation of excellence to our members.

Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday 11:30pm to 2:30am server time.

Current Content:
BH when available
(all members with 90% attendance are respectfully asked to consider the Noogie Nights raid your primary lockout for these raids)

- In general a person who attended the raid on Tuesday will be reserved a spot on Thursday, however full members of the raid will always take precedence over subs. Tardiness or desperate need for class synergy can change that and the matter will be handled with all respect and maturity.

- Alts: Alts will be considered for the raid on a case by case basis. We have recently expanded the roster to make better use of the 10 classes given to us by Blizzard. Players who do transition to alts are respectfully asked to play their former main in their usual role on progression content until such time as the alt can be seamlessly merged into the raid.

- Occasionally, to break the stress and monotony we will do gear runs of lower level content. We ask all members to be fair to one another and appreciate that your alt is getting geared because someone else ran farm content on their main, and to extend the same courtesy to others in the future.

- If you are unavailable for the raid, then you are unavailable for anything else the raid might do that night. Please show respect to your fellow raiders.

- No Call/No Show is disruptive to everyone. If you know in advance you won't be there please get a hold of me on Facebook or through email or through game email. I will also distribute my phone number to all raid regulars in case of last minute emergencies.

Lockout Extensions:
Because of the need the speed that we are clearing bosses in Firelands, no lockout extension requests are being taken at this time.

Chain of Command:
Abovan Raid Leader


Current expectation of boss order:
Lord Rhyolith
Majordomo Staghelm

Clean up any remaining bosses in Firelands that are left from Wednesday.