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Game Name


Race Undead
Gender Female
Class Priest
Professions Enchanting Herbalism
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Story of the House of Molly

The House of Molly is a sisterhood with roots that span many centuries. The sisterhood is made up of the lost souls that wander Azeroth because of war and other problems that are better left unspoken. The manifest organization houses battle weary combatants. Although the sisterhood may not be related by blood, they are related by a common cause, peace within the world of Azeroth. They are all saddened that this peace comes with a price.

All the members came to the sisterhoods with names given to them by others who did not know their true calling. Once inducted into the sisterhood, each member takes on a name that signifies their place with the organization.

MollySaint the Priest

MollySaint was a former juvenile pickpocket/thief that went by the name Miracy. She was found gallivanting around with the Wasterwander bandits in Tanaris by Mollyshot, who was in Gadgetzan helping the goblins with their engineering requests. Although Miracy was young and reckless, she possessed a strength and goodness that appealed to the leader of the sisterhood. MollyShot decided to take a chance and took the young hoodlum under her wing and taught her the ways of the sisterhood.

After several years of training, Miracy found that she had a better knack for healing than stealing and was renamed MollySaint. She was allowed to take missions on her own, outside of the constant supervision of MollyShot. She can now be found running around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, waiting for the time that she is experienced enough to enter the uncivilized world of the Outlands.

Members of the House of Molly

  • Mollyshot - Leader and matriarch
  • Mollycow - Provides balance and a sound voice
  • Mollysaint - The youngest, and wildest, of the House