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Harrok Lokar Earthcaller
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Professions Leatherworking Skinning
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Ambisinister Strike Force


Harrok was born in the Darkspear Isles only a few years before the events that led up to Trolls uniting with the Horde.

Harrok's infancy was a tumultuous and unsettling time. During the human invasion of the isles, and the consequent Murloc uprising, Harrok was separated from his parents in the chaos. After the Darkspears were rescued by the rest of the horde, the very young Harrok was adopted by the Tauren leadership of a settlement in Eastern Feralas, called Camp Mojache.

The Tauren Shaman of the Skychaser clan present in the camp instilled the values and teachings of shamanism in the young troll as he matured. Harrok grew up taking expeditions throughout the region, being taught the intricacies of the elements and of nature by his Tauren mentors. As his interest in the natural world grew, so did his power to speak with the spirits and channel the power of the elements in combat. As his passion and knowledge of the world around him grew, so did his desire to explore the world. When his upbringing was complete, Harrok said goodbye to the village who raised him and ventured out into the wild continents of Azeroth. Before he left, he was given the surname "Earthcaller".

Having little to no recollection of his Troll parents, Harrok's demeanor and nuances are not typical for most Darkspear. Being brought up by Tauren, he possesses a calm and stoic demeanor, and speaks without the typical Troll accent.

About the Player

My name is Hawkeye Hoffman, and I live in Monmouth, Oregon. I'll be attending Oregon State University next fall, and plan to major in Fisheries and Wildlife Science.