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A more detailed guide and other Frequently Asked Questions about joining can be found here.

How To Join

You must do the following for each character you wish to add to the corporation roster.

  1. Submit an application through UMAMI. You can use the direct link.
  2. Interviews are no longer required! Unless we say otherwise, in which case, we'll let you know.
  3. Once you receive an acceptance message, you may submit an in-game application. Search for AIEU in your People and Places Neocom screen, click on Alea Iacta Est Universal, and submit an application. Please make sure that you have dropped any roles if you are currently in another player corporation.
  4. Do not accept the in-game invitation until you have prepared to move.

Before Joining

Once you've been accepted (in any game) in UMAMI, you will have access to AIEU's Slack service and Jabber server. You will be able to see which EVE officers are online and can ask any questions. You will also find the AIE Mumble server information on the UMAMI home page, as a bulletin. EVE players can be found in a channel called the EVE Online.

  1. If you are a new EVE player, complete the tutorial missions. They are a good introduction to fundamental concepts in the game.
  2. Select one of the alpha plans from our Base Camp Training. You may want to wait until you have the skills to fly one of the fits fully trained to continue. The alpha plans are designed to take no longer than one week.
  3. Inject any remaining skill books you have lying around.
  4. Sell what you have. If you have something that you'd actually like to move to current BRAVE staging system, you may be able to create a courier contract with Black Frog or PUSHX, or contact an officer to see if we might be able to use our semi-reliable moving service for modest fee.
  5. Accept the invitation to AIEU.
  6. Move your medical clone to AIEU's staging station. The current staging system is Tasti, but you should verify this before continuing.
  7. Leave your ship.
  8. Undock in your pod. After the undock timer has expired, right click on your pod aand select "Self Destruct". After 2 minutes, you will see your lifeless corpse floating in space (and not for the last time, we can assure you).
  9. When you wake up in the staging station, update your clone if necessary.

After Joining

  1. Fix your overview. See here for details.
  2. Set up [Slack]and Mumble for AIE.
  3. Sign up for [AIEU Fleet-up] and link a valid API key to access all of our Skill plans and Doctrines.
  4. Pull one of the free ships out of the Common hangar in our staging station.
  5. Insure the ship.
  6. Undock.
  7. Explode.
  8. Rinse and repeat.