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The Base Camp training plans are recommended plans for members new to EVE Online, and members starting new alts. While they are not mandatory, they are highly recommended.

We view the path to advanced ships in EVE as a large mountain. As a climber, you aren't going to begin your ascent immediately after you've arrived at the base of the mountain. First, you will set up a base camp. From there, you will assess your situation, scope out the environment, and perhaps make a few trial starts before you begin your climb in earnest. We believe a new member's skill plan should be approached in a similar manner.

The plans are broken into three tiers: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Alpha plans are focused on T1 frigates. Bravo plans introduce destroyers and T2 frigates. Charlie plans advance to cruisers.

Another important point is: there is no reason you can't train more than one plan before moving on to the next tier. One of the most frequent mistakes made by new players is rushing through a training plan towards a single, big ship and neglecting the "breadth" of their training.

The goals of these plans are as follows.

  • Get new members into decent ships within a week.
  • Give members a taste of a wide variety of fleet roles.

Finally, certain selections from these base camps are part of the AIEU Free ship program.

Skill Pack Download

AIEU Base Camp Training Plans.zip


File Format

We have chosen to distribute all the plans as XML instead of EMP files. The XML format is easier for us to work with and can be used with applications other than EVEMon.

Loadout Identifier

Each ship loadout has a unique tag, called the Loadout Identifier. This will be the intended name used for a fitted hull in the common hangar.

Base Camp Alpha

These plans are relatively short but effective at getting you into basic fits for each of the roles listed below. Nothing super advanced, just getting into ships and going out into space.

  • Base Camp Alpha Tackler - Fast Tackle, get in close and lock the enemy down until the Cavalry and other ships can get on the field.
  • Base Camp Alpha Cavalry - Line Combat Ships, Land after the Tacklers and get secondary tackle while putting good damage on the target
  • Base Camp Alpha EWAR - Tech Specialist, Set out at your optimal range and use special modules to make it so that the target can not lock your friends
  • Base Camp Alpha Logistics - Space Priest, Space healer best healer
  • Base Camp Alpha Prober - Non combat role, Find where your enemies are hiding in space scanning systems with special probes.

The following plans are plans left here for posterity, from an earlier era. They are still useful, but not as useful as some of the other plans.

Base Camp Bravo

Base Camp Bravo has longer skill plans but for good reason, fitting skills are added to these skill plans to set you up for Base Camp Charlie where the ships will have higher powergrid and CPU demands.

  • Base Camp Bravo Cavalry - Heavy Line Combat Ships, Like Alpha Cavalry ships but with more HP and firepower
  • Base Camp Bravo Utility - Non Combat role, Better skill at using probing ship along with the ability to salvage and do exploration sites as well.

Base Camp Charlie

Charlie has much longer training plans than Alpha or Bravo but for good reason. You are training into Cruiser class ships first of all, second you are training into a larger more powerful class of weapon and lastly this pack of skill plans should even out your skill plans pretty well so that you are ready when/if you decide to move on to more advanced things later such as battlecruisers or T2 ships!

  • EVE:Base Camp Charlie Cavalry - Heavy Combat Ships, These guys will arrive last on the battlefield but they do heavier damage and last longer than the Alpha or Bravo Cavalry
  • EVE:Base Camp Charlie EWAR EWAR Cruisers, Same tactics as Alpha EWAR only these ships are better at the job. This plan also adds 2 new EWAR types, Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors
  • EVE:Base Camp Charlie Logistics - Best Space Priests that money can buy without getting the Tech 2 version...
  • EVE:Base Camp Charlie Tackler - Heavy Tackle, If you need to hold your enemies in place longer or bait your enemies into attacking, these are the ships for you. Heavy tank on the Maller allows you to set there and take plenty of punishment and the Stabber will last longer than your frigate but its speed is a big part of the tank but they are beautiful at their job.

Stealth Bomber Operations

Wormhole Operations