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Hello Pilot

This is the Wiki for EVE Online corps Alea Iacta Est Universal and Taxillus Transstellar. We are a small group of Internet Spaceship Pilots who look to offer EVE Online, as alien as it is compared to other MMORPGs, to the AIE community by allowing players to get in and learn at their own pace to enjoy the game .

NOTE: Some links pertaining to EVE on this wiki may be restricted for Operational Security reasons if you are not a member of one of our corporations.

Corporation Descriptions

Alea Iacta Est Universal

Taxillus Transstellar - Taxillus is no more. All capsuleers have moved to Alea Iacta Est Universal, an NPC corp, or other Corps not affiliated with AIE.

Community Resources

[My Extralife Forums] (this is a public forum, no opsec goes here))

Newbie Resources


EVE Guides

Useful Links

Reference Guides - Information that you may find useful even if your not a newbro.

EVE:Base Camp Training - AIEU recommended training program for new capsuleers