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Alliance/Corp Resources

Requires TEST auth to login and as of April 2014 may not necessarily functional any more.

A previous home, please see relevant corp bulletins for setting up AIEU and BRAVE jabber.

Newbro Useful Tips

Possibly out-of-date.

TEST Alliance Please Ignore skills introduction page.

PvP and PvE

AIEU Reference Sheet by ZeeWire (note chaining rats no longer works)

What is this I encountered?

Or, I'm looking at this thing what do I do with it.

Cosmic Anomalies

Damage Types

What should I use?

Ammo Guide - A simple graphical guide to Damage, Range, Cap Need, and Tracking for Frequency Crystals, Hybrid Charges, and Projectile Ammo (includes T2 stats and Faction Changes).

Isk Making

The present directorate of AIEU have never been very good at making ISK, and no guides existed in this section when the present directorate found it.


Halada's Mining Guide 3.1


Different Variations of Ore and Bonuses (From Halada's for Quick Reference)

Types of Minerals Extracted in approx ratios (From Halada's for Quick Reference)


Types of Elements Extracted in approx ratios (From Halada's for Quick Reference)


The present directorate, excepted Kuda Timberline, also lacks requisite knowledge about industry. No guides existed in this section when it was discovered by the present directorate.

Planetary Interaction

Introduction to Planetary Interaction

Planet Types

Planetary Commodities

Reverse Engineering PI