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Shaman crest.jpg
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Shaman
Professions Inscription Engineering
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Durnnit is a Troll Shaman, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Like most Gurubashi Trolls, Durnnit is tall, very very slim, and covererd in a fine blue fur which actually makes it look as though his skin is blue. His frame is lined with a very wiry structure of muscles owed to his prowress as a warrior and now a shaman. Durnnit posesses long tusks, which curve downward before moving away from his face. His hair is still it's natural shade of fiery red, and he wears it in a tall crest-style mohawk.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Durnnit is the troll's eerie constant sense of calm. He seems to be constantly at peace with himself, rarely displaying extreme negative emotions. Durnnit attributes this peace to his relationship with the Elemental Spirits.

Character History

Life in the Darkspear Tribe

Durnnit grew up in the lowest years of the Darkspear tribe's life. Unlike his elder brother, he proved apt with melee weapons very early on in his life, and consequently proved a much better hunter and warrior for the tribe. Luckily, he also proved to be very loyal to his family, and often covered for his brother's shortcomings, so the Witch Doctors would have less reason to sacrifice him for some vile blessing. Like his brother, he found this means of worshipping their Loa gods perverse and less than useless, but kept his tongue to protect his brother and family.

The Darkspears Join the Horde

When Thrall and the orcs came and saved them from the Sea Witch and her Murloc minions, Durnnit was able to view the Warchief and his fellow orcish shamans during the battle, and witnessed something curious. Often it seemed the shamans were speaking to someone, without actually opening their mouths. Despite that, Durnnit heard their words as clear as day. The shamans asked the world around them to help them in their cause to aid the Darkspears. What shocked him even more was that something answered them! Never had the troll heard a force beyond the world that he could see speak so clearly before, not even the own Loa gods they all worshipped.

Durnnit asked his brother what to make of these voices, and Dahkar looked back at his brother, confused. He replied that he had heard nothing. Shocked, Durnnit dropped the subject, but marveled at the shaman's abilities as the battle continued on. There was little time to pursue the subject then and there, and their continued to be little time for it, as Sen'jin fell victim to the Sea Witch's forces, and the Darkspears found their destiny in the hands of the Orcs. Some were troubled by this, but Durnnit knew within himself that their chieftan's decision had been the right one. Something about those voices he had heard called to him, and in them he heard the promise of a new way of life. However, he would not have time to truly explore what this new power was until much later. The new Horde was taking shape, and they had to keep moving to Kalimdor.

During the Third War

Durnnit was present with the Horde throughout much of the Third War, staying close to Dahkar and protecting him as best he could. During this time he had many many opportunities to further witness the shaman's power in action, but the constant fighting meant there was little time for him to approach any of them and seek knowledge. Undaunted, he resolved to survive the fighting, neverending as it seemed to be. Aiding their tauren allies, fighting the humans who seemed to hate their newfound brothers so much, bringing the Warsong Clan back from their demonic regression, it seemed like the Horde would never know peace.

Finally, Warchief Thrall briefed the soldiers on what was hoped would be their final battle in this war...the Burning Legion and their Scourge minions would ascend Mount Hyjal. The final alliance of the Humans under Jaina Proudmoore, the Night Elves, and the Horde would unite to delay them until a trap was readied to destroy them once and for all. Durnnit feared for himself and his brother. Dahkar had acquired tomes detailing knowledge of magic and seemed eager to study them, and Durnnit longed to know more of these spirits, as the orcs called them, who aided the shamans and heard their calls. Durnnit could feel within his soul that these spirits would be his future, just as the magic which so intrigued his brother would be his. He knew both of them had to survive the Legion, for their people's sake, and for their own.

The battle was fierce, and raged for hours. Jaina Proudmoore's people fought valiantly, but in the end, the base fell. Jaina's part in the plan was over, and she teleported as many of her people out as were still alive. Then the demons began to swarm the Horde encampment, and Durrnit fought with everything he had within him. One Doomguard, however, got the better of him, knocking Dahkar unconscious and severely wounding Durnnit. The Doomguard was poised to impale Dahkar on his fiery blade, and Durnnit, without thinking, cried out in his mind.

"Spirits who aid de shaman, please, save me bruddah!!"

The spirits responded.


Lightning descended from the sky, burning into the demon. As it cried in agony, roots tore up from the ground, binding it, and pulling it in many directions, finally tearing the demon apart.

Durnnit sat stunned at what had just happened. Two more shaman ran to aid them, asking the spirit of water to heal their wounds. As they voiced their thanks in their mind, Durnnit echoed them. The orcs, astonished, turned to look at him. "You hear the spirits, troll?"

"Ya, mon. Since ya people be freein' us from death back in Stanglethorn, i heah dem. Nevah knew what dey were, but I be feelin' drawn to dem since. When me bruddah lay dere, about to die, I didnah know what else to do..."

The Orc laughed. "Hah! The spirits have shown us their wisdom! We thought we gained new allies, but we have gained more, we have gained blue-skinned brothers! Come, troll! Let us return to this battle! You will survive, my friend, and when it is all over, you come find Markebus!! I will take you to the Warchief and the Far Seer Drek'thar, who taught me the spirit's ways! Lok'tar Ogar!"

Energized with purpose, Durnnit plunged back into the fray, and though the demons ultimately triumphed over their forces as well, when Jaina Proudmoore teleported the remaning Horde forces away from the battle, Durnnit and Dahkar were among the living.

Taking the Steps Down the Path of the Elements

After the battle, Thrall led them to their new home, Durotar. Their Tauren allies, triumphant over the centaur marauders, had settled into the grasslands of Mulgore to the west. The Darkspears had chosen to return to their island jungle roots, and claimed a series of islands off of Durotar's coast, called the Echo Isles. The brothers, however, were not among them. Dahkar had elected to stay with several other trolls within Orgrimmar to help build the city and to study the magic tomes from Alliance wizards that they had collected. Durnnit, meanwhile, sought out the orc Markebus, who took him before Thrall and Drek'thar. Amazed that their new allies were united with them on an even deeper level, Drek'thar resolved to teach the troll and any others he could find who heard the call of the spirits. Within days Durnnit and several others were learning from Drek'thar about the nature of the Elemental spirits.

When news of Daelin Proudmoore's agression reached Thrall, Durnnit's teaching was interrupted by the call to battle again. Still, Durnnit was capable enough to use what he did know in battle, and he fought as one of the few troll shamans in that conflict. What surprised him even more was his brother's use of Arcane magic. Apparently, he and his...friends...had been studying well. The Horde emerged triumphant, and Durnnit returned to Durotar with the Horde.

Drek'thar resumed their instructions, and the novice shamans progressed quickly. He soon sent them out to be apprentices to more experienced shamans, as he required returning to his clan's home in Alterac.


Durnnit journeyed to the Valley of Trials and there began his adventuring career. In time, he became a member of a large and prestigious guild of adventurers known as Alea Iacta Est. His older brother had long since gone ahead of him to seek out more knowledge for his fellow mages, and they did not see each other for some time, until meeting up in Outland with him and his curious companions; a tauren druid (and guildmate) named Grothi and a Forsaken warlock named Old Man Franks. The warlock's presence was difficult for Durnnit to accept, having heard during his training the stories of the Orc Warlocks who nearly led their people to ruin, but it was clear to Durnnit that his elder brother trusted this undead, and the spirits gave him no sign to distrust him, so Durnnit did the best he could to get along with the Warlock. He even recommended him, alongside his own brother, for membership in Alea Iacta Est, which both were granted. After Kil'jaeden's defeat, Durnnit joined Dahkar and Grothi in disassociating themselves from Franks. He was also present when Grothi was reunited with his lost brother, Shadothi, now a Knight of the Ebon Blade. Durnnit took the Knights as a sign from the spirits, that it was time to wage war against the unnatural undead Scourge.

Wrath of the Lich King

Now a full-fledged Shaman, Durnnit heared north with his brother and friends to battle the Scourge. Troubled by the actions of Garrosh Hellscream in Northrend's assault, Dahkar asked his brother to make contact with any elements of the Warsong Offensive who harbored similar concerns. Durnnit successfully did so, finding out that High Overlord Saurfang had established a network of agents to watch Hellscream carefully, and should Saurfang signal to them that Garrosh had succumbed to the old ways, they would take him out

The signal never came. Durnnit joined his friends within Icecrown Citadel, as both Hellscream and Saurfang had, and used his new mastery over the arts of healing to support the assault within. Saurfang, however, was forced to confront the reanimated corpse of his own son, and though they were victorious, the battle broke the old Warlord's spirit. Durnnit has tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to bring Saurfang back from the brink of despair, but thus far, he has not succeeded.

The Earthen Ring

In the aftermath of Deathwing's return, Durnnit has become a full member of the Earthen Ring. He took part in their efforts against the Naga within Vash'jir and is currently working alongside them in Deepholm to maintain the integrity of the rebuilt World Pillar. While the network that Saurfang established is long gone, Durnnit has still not given up hope on the High Overlord, and occasionally makes trips to Northrend to speak with him. Unbeknownst to Durnnit, Hellscream is having him watched.


Durnnit is played by User:Oldmanfranks.