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Rogue crest.jpg
Game Name


Race Troll
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Professions Mining Engineering
Guild alea iacta est invictus

Beskar is a Troll Rogue, and cohort of Alea Iacta Est


Beskar is shorter than your average troll, and posessed of a muscle structure that can only be described as wiry. His hair is a shocking bright yellow, pulled back into multiple braids

Character History

Beskar's history isn't very well known, and if Vol'jin has anything to say about it, it will stay that way. Whispers speak of him as the Shadow Hunter's personal assassin and spy. Others state that he infiltrated Zalazane's inner circle for years, staying undetected and reporting on the Hex Master's movements. The truth may never be known, and Beskar is not forthcoming with it.

All anyone can say for sure is that Vol'jin has placed Beskar at the disposal of Archmage Dahkar for whatever use the Archmage deems fit. Vol'jin's reasons for this are known only to him, and Dahkar wonders if Beskar is a symbol of Vol'jin's support or a carefully placed means to eliminate him should he go rogue. He may even be both.

The rogue, for his part, at least appears to be utterly loyal to Dahkar, and carries out his missions with brutal and ruthless efficiency. He never voices opinions towards the Archmage's efforts of establishing a unified Azeroth, for or against, but has also never questioned the Archmage. If Dahkar needs someone eliminated, Beskar will see them ended.

He is currently on a reconnaissance mission in Northrend, ensuring the relative peace there is at least remaining stable, quietly taking care of a few lingering problems that plague the Taunka and the Kalu'ak, and very very quietly determining how to bring back Highlord Saurfang from the despair that plagues him.

In Combatt

Beskar is graceful and efficient, never wasting a movement in a fight. He can fight well with any pair of weapons, but prefers a pair of daggers. Beskar has been known to stab at foes with his own tusks, and rumors circulate that they, like nearly every weapon he carries, are coated in poisons.


Beskar is played by User:Oldmanfranks.