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Mage crest.jpg
Crazy Cat Lady
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Enchanting/Tailoring
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Flexy Encounters Raid Team


Level 90 Blood Elf Mage

"I wish I was fire."

Raid Teams

Flexy Encounters Raid Team


Allanya has been playing WoW since the release of the Sunwell patch. During his time playing he has been lucky enough to play through Tier 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 content at level on the Silvermoon server. During Cataclysm he took a break from raiding after some out of game life stuff reared its ugly head.

After April of 2012 he transferred servers to Earthen Ring to join AIE. Since the beginning of Mists of Pandaria, Allanya has had the fortune to complete Mogushan Vaults, all but the last two bosses of Heart of Fear, and all of the Terrace of Endless Spring with the raid team Adult Supervision Required. After completely skipping Throne of Thunder aside from some Legendary Questline drops in LFR, he has joined the Flexy Encounters Raid Team, or FERT for short, and is currently progressing through Flex Mode Siege of Orgrimmar.


If you have some free time and would like to check out some podcasts, Allanya is the cohost for Azeroth Roundtable, Battlepets, Geektopia, and Flex Mode.

Azeroth Roundtable

Azeroth Roundtable is a weekly discussion show focusing on different topics of World of Warcraft. Allanya and his cohost Aeos tend to have guests from the Warcraft fan community on to chat about whatever floats there boat week to week.


Battlepets is a show that he cohosts with everyone's favorite pet collector, Alludra. Every other week they talk about collecting and battling companion pets throughout Azeroth.


Geektopia is a discussion show about all realms of geekdom. You can find Allanya there every other week with Alachaas and Leeta as they cover geek news of the week and a variety of topics ranging from movies and TV shows to building a computer and Collectible Card Games.

Flex Mode

Flex Mode brings the creative talent of Aeos, Rho], and Remhgar from Tauren Think Tank along with special guests to dream and and create their own version of WoW lore.