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Crazy Pet Mage,
Game Name


Race Pandaren
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Enchanting Tailoring
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Noogie Nights

The Physical

Rounded and thrilled about it, like all Pandaren.

The Personality

Alludra is open and quite sociable, chatty, and more than a bit rash at times. She sometimes finds herself leading a charge when she should be more safely (and effectively) tucked in the back of the fray.

She has a deep love for learning and knowledge, which is not confined to the history books but all things Azeroth. She has amassed quite a menagerie of pets through her travels and studies, all of which she cares for and loves.

Alludra is also helpful to nearly a fault! She is always free to lend a hand to a struggling adventurer, or will go into detail explaining just how she acquired a particular animal to an admirer.

The Story

Like all Pandaren of the Wondering Isle, Alludra felt a sense of wanderlust from an early age. Not content to study the arcane arts in what was still a secluded community, she worked until she created a passable disguise as a Blood Elf female, hiding her Pandaren heritage so she could roam freely without questions about her homeland.

Alludra did so with a relish, diving into the history and lore of the world around her. She was never in one place for too long, looking for historic sites, unearthing new lore, and trying to connect the dots in history where paths ran cold, and studying the living thriving world around her.

The burden of her disguise took its toll on her socially during this time, she didn't feel comfortable enough to be herself while taking on the form of another, rumors spread that she was rather aloof, which only served to help her stay hidden. In spite of this, she has found her home within the large guild of AIE, the happy chaos within helped ease some of the homesickness she felt on occasion, while giving her a chance to lend a hand where needed.

But once the Wondering Isle, and then Pandaria were discovered she revealed herself, along with scores of other Pandaren and has been more at ease with herself since she left home.

Jaina Proudmore's purging of Dalaran affected her quite deeply, for she thought of the floating magical city a safe haven from such squabbles. Now she feels uncomfortable with the thought of ever returning, and mourns the loss of open pursuit of knowledge.

Recently, Alludra's younger Allyndra has made it to the mainland as well.

The Real Life

'Alludra the Mage' creates and produces the Alludra's pets podcast segment, and co-hosts The AIE Podcast and Battle Pets with her co-host Ben aka Allanya as if to prove that the chatter must continue!


Alludra's Pets
Battle Pets
Mannerly Mage Discontinued