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Crusader Yorthae Hou'ld
Loremaster of Silvermoon
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Tailoring Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Dudes With Pointy Sticks

Quick Summary

  • Yorthae is a female Blood Elf Mage of the Frost persuasion.
  • She is her player's Main character.

General Description

Yorthae is an average looking female Blood Elf. At first glance she is a quiet, reserved, deeply sad looking woman. However, to her friends she is a steadfast and loyal person, always there to help in anyway she can. Though it takes some time to see it she is still capable of great joy, however the death of her sister weighs heavily on her conscience and it isn't long before the persistent memory of that event clouds her features and her mood.

She is severely addicted to magic, though she no longer craves the mana-enriched plants of her homeland she'll never really be free from their call. In an effort to keep from destroying herself, she channels much of her need into her collections, her drive to serve the Horde, and her burning need to destroy Arthas.

Character History

Coming soon (as in sometime in the next century)

Family and Friends

Coming soon (as in sometime in the next century)

Political Worldview

Yorthae is ambivalent about the war with the Alliance. Peace would foster the exchange of knowledge between the races. But on the other hand she despises Gnomes and will often go out of her way, even to the detriment of allies and friends, to cause them harm. She often enjoys spending time with the tailoring trainer in Silvermoon just so she can enjoy the cries of pain of the Gnome slaves held in the lower level of that shop.

As to the other Horde races she is on a good relationship with all of them, and is one of Silvermoon's Ambassadors to the Horde. She has recently gone through the trials to become an Exalted Champion of the Horde and was dubbed Crusader of the Argent Crusade.

She is constantly working to gain a better relationship with many other political groups, and has become well known as a friend amongst many factions outside of the core Horde five.

Pet Collection

Aside from being addicted to magic, Yorthae is also a collector of things. Though sadly in her move to AIE she lost much of her collection due to a shipping error and poor packaging by her former (and now pile of ash) banker. Her remaining, and largest, collections are of mounts and pets. Her collections are so large that she has been awarded special animals to honor her propensity for collection.

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