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The Insane!
Game Name


Race Goblin
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Professions Engineering Mining
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations To The Pain

Yafka is a Rogue in the Alea Iacta Est guild and a member of the raid team To The Pain.

Character Origin


Originally Yafka was an Orc Rogue named Haqim on the Runetotem US server created back in 2006. He was a member of the guild Protect Thine Own, along with such other notable guildmates as Enkidu, Matteus, Hazimel, and Arika (::sniff:: so many memories).

Haqim lived his life as most rogues do: backstabbing others. Haqim found that PVP was his main joy in life. Especially as a level 19 ubber twink, killing weaklings in Warsong Gultch. To be a rogue means to be a bastard and Haqim was the biggest bastard of them all. PVP was the central interest of Haqim's existence for several years, earning him exalted status with the Warsong Outriders, the Frostwolf Clan and the Defilers.

But Haqim grew tired of life in Azeroth, even thinking about leaving the world behind. So he sold all of his possessions and gave his last 800 gold to some level 8 kid, who jumped up and yelled "THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!" (True Story)

Haqim slipped into deep sleep. He strayed out of thought and time. Stars wheeled overhead and everyday was as long as a life-age of the earth. But it was not the end. Haqim returned.

The Burning Crusade

Haqim did not enjoy the Outlands. Too alien. Too far from home (even though, ironically, it was the Orc's homeworld). But the Draeini and the Consortium had screwed it all up. (Space goats and space mummies? Get the fudge out of here!) Where was Illidan? In that Black Temple you can only enter if you have a special key? A key that only 3% of the playerbase obtained, btw. Also the dungeons sucked in this expansion. Not fun. When's Arthas getting here? Rant over.

The Korrk Years

A cartoon centipede reads books and types on a laptop.
Korrk begs the Kirin Tor to take him with them to Northrend months before the WotLK launch.

Eventually, Runetotem proved too small for Haqim, so he fled to other servers, finally coming to Earthen Ring after hearing the soft siren sounds of two jokers out west chatting with a Red Sox pitcher. Haqim switched over and joined Earthen Ring, but now his name was Korrk the Orc.

Korrk grew very bored with Outland. His time was spent in the newly opened arenas, PVPing in Battlegrounds, and doing Netherwing dailies in Shadowmoon Valley. The boredom warped Korrk's sanity. He was going into Stratholme and killing all the undead over and over. He went to Dalaran and begged the Wizard NPCs to let him inside the bubble, or to at least take him with them to Northrend.

Finally the adventures in Boredomland...er ... I mean, Outland, were over and it was off to Northrend!

The Northrend Campaign

Korrk gladly rushed to adventure in Northrend, where WoW was WoW again. Daily quests took up much of his life. Especially the one where you fly around on the bomber around Ice Crown dropping bombs onto undead targets.

Near the beginning of patch 3.3, Korrk took a step into semi-retirement and a Tauren Druid named Crazytree took up his banner into ICC and continued onto the Catacylsm and the fight against Deathwing. At least until January 2012, when the WoW subscription went on a very long hiatus.

Mist of Pandaria and Yafka

After a year away from WoW, Korrk reemerged from the grave and was now reincarnated as a Goblin rogue named Yafka. Then he left WoW again, until early 2014. He reached level 90 and vanquished many Sha and Mogu along the way. But still feeling unsatisfied, he departed until August 2014.