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Paladin crest.jpg
Wyndmight Sunseeker
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Professions Mining Enchanting
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Wyndmight is a Blood Elf Paladin, and Cohort of Alea Iacta Est.

Physical Description

Lithe yet strong, this Spikey Haired blonde has the look of determination and is ready to rush in to save another's life. (Work In Progress)


After the disaster of Quel'thalas and the their family, the brother's Aarin and Shaun Sunseeker took different approaches to coaping. Aaring went into the Priesthood while Shaun decided to drown his sorrows in taverns. He traveled all around the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, to end up in Ratchet. There he had a drinking contest with a Grimtotem Tauren. After getting very drunk and insulting the Grimtotem, the Tauren and his friends beat him to a pulp and threw him out the front windows. Laying there, waiting for his death, a Tauren found him.

When Shaun woke up he found himself in the care of a Blood Elf priestess and a Tauren warrior with priest healing training, Bairne Stormhoof. They cared for him at a church just outside of Ratchet until he regained his strength. In his care he learned how to use weapons and learned of the power of the Light. Gaining a renewed faith, Shaun announced that he was going to join the Blood Knights:

"I’m returning to Silvermoon." Bairne sipped his soup but said nothing. "They have a paladin order there called the Blood Knights." Shaun still received no reaction from his friend. "I’m not doing this for you, but for myself." Bairne put down his bowl and narrowed his eyes at the elf.

"Come with me." Shaun put down his meal and followed the tauren. They left the church and walked off the grounds to a shed. "Wait here." Shaun stood were he was told as his friend entered the shed. He came out with bunch of large poles and he started placing them in the ground. The poles ended up forming a circle. Bairne took off his shirt as he entered the shed again. This time he brought out two shields and two training swords. "Take these." Shaun took a shield and sword and followed Bairne into the ring. "Show me what you’ve got, and don’t hold back." The elf put the shield and sword down and took off his own shirt. Arming himself again, he took a few deep breathes to calm himself.

And the battle began. He knew the goal. Not to defeat, but not to be defeated. While he initiated the attack, he knew the counter attack was going to be more powerful. A giant tauren, almost 8 feet talk fighting an elf over a foot shorter than him. A tauren, with muscles twice the size of his waist against an elf with toothpicks for arms in comparison. The fight went on. Parry, thrust, block, dodge, swipe. His opponent started to glow with the light. Bairne seemed to have gotten the upper hand.

"I . . . will . . . not . . . let you," Shaun suddenly felt energized by . . . something, he wasn’t sure. "DEFEAT ME!" His voice boomed. Bairne was pushed back by a strong force, sending him across the ring. His hooves leaving trails as he fought against it. Shaun was glowing stronger than his friend and he swiped his sword in Bairnes direction, and a golden hammer of the light sprang forth hitting Bairne’s shield. Shaun stood tall as the large tauren crouched in a full defensive stance. The tauren peeked over his shield, smiling in spite of himself, as Shaun stood straight, determined, and waiting. The tauren was proud of his friend.

Pounce. There was no better way to describe it. It was leap from the shed to the ring, and the large cat reached the entire length, just missing Shaun’s head as he rolled out of the way. The Lion landed gracefully and turned back to the elf.

"ENOUGH!" Bairne stood in front of Shaun and stared the cat down. "His trial is not yours to give."

"How did you determine that, Wyndbane?" growled the cat. A lion, that can talk? Shaun looked around Bairne to examine his assailant and found horns growing out the top of his head.

Bairne crouched into a battle stance. "Me." The two stared each other down, the tension tight as a drum, as brittle as a sheet of ice.

The lion grunted and relaxed. Pushing on the ground with his front paws he stood up shifting into the form of a Tauren. Bairne relaxed as well. "Shaun Sunseeker, meet my brother, Wyndgem Stormhoof."

"Enchanted." Shaun said as he came out from behind his friend The Tauren was in full leather armor except for a helm. He had heard that druids were peaceful, but this one didn’t look very peaceful.

"You are seriously considering giving him one, aren’t you?" Wyndgem seemed upset about it. The druid scrutinized the elf.

"Yes, I am and you don’t have any say in the matter."

"What makes you think he even deserves it, Bane?"

"You saw everything. Surely the Light has accepted him as a Paladin."

Wyndgem snorted, "That was just a stroke of luck."

"Luck has nothing to do with it when it comes to the light. You, brother, will never understand." Bairne stared down his brother again until Wyndgem snorted.

"I suppose I won’t." The druid started walking towards a kodo and a bear which Shaun hadn’t noticed before. "Do what you want." Wyndgem mounted the kodo and the trio headed off towards Ratchet.

Bairne watched his brother leave. "I hate it when he calls me Bane."

"What was that all about?" Shaun asked. Bairne turned back to his friend and smiled.

"During the time you trained with me, I felt the Light inside of you. I grew to know you and how you never wanted to hurt anyone. You were much like me. I knew you’d see the Light. I knew you would go become a Paladin. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t my choice. I waited until you were ready." Bairne smiled at him with pride. "You will make a great Paladin," He paused. "Wyndmight."

A couple of weeks, passed and a hooded Blood Elf rode a kodo into Silvermoon city. Looking around he smiled at the magnificent city. He made his way to Falconwing Square. He dismounted and enter the Blood Knight headquarters. The foyer of the building was huge and numerous Blood Knights were going about their business. A lady with an entourage following her say the hooded man studying the spectacle. She noticing no one greeting the visitor, she turned her entourage to him.

"Hello. May I be of any assistance?"

The man was startled by her approach. "Oh, hello. I’ve come to join the Blood Knights."

"Well, welcome, I can have you escorted to enrollment. I am Lady Liadrin."

The man bowed. "Please to meet you, my lady." He pulled his hood back, and he started glowing white. "I am Wyndmight Sunseeker."


(Work In Process)