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Who Are We?

Our name basically defines us <Wildly Inappropriate>. We are very "no filter" and ultimately we're just here to have a kick ass time together. Once we're geared enough we would like to try a couple of heroics, but if the team isn't feeling it we won't do it. This team will be more or less a democracy; I don't want to be that raid leader who makes you do something you aren't comfortable doing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that Aydn has returned, he shall lead our team to glor-.... Oh wait... Hes decided to not lead till 5.2?.. Crap... Ok so Velmathris and Cabalzors are still "leading" the team, but feel free to bother Aydn about team related things if you have questions as well!


We are currently not recruiting

Current Raid Times

Wednesday - 8:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.

Monday - 8:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.

*Please be aware all raid times are based on server time*

Requirements of Our Raiders

Be on time and ready to raid. If you have to miss a night I understand, but I don't want to have to deal with attendance issues every week.

Be willing to speak up if you are unsure of something. If you don't know the fights that's totally cool. We'll teach you.

Cooking! As of MoP having max cooking is beneficial to raiding. This isn't really a requirement, but perhaps consider taking some time to level cooking because it will help the team in the end.

Co-Guild! For guild achievements, we ask that you consider moving your toon to Fidelis- and by consider we mean you must get to Fidelis... For the greater good. For the greater good!

Most importantly: Be able to relax and have fun. We have been known to say some pretty messed up things. We're all here to have fun. If you get offended easily, might not be the best team for you.

Loot Rules

Loot rules are pretty simple. Main Spec then Off Spec, don't be too greedy.

Main Team


- Fermat [Monk (Brewmaster/Mistweaver)]

- Jodalgrup [Paladin (Protection/Retribution)]


- Acania [Monk (Mistweaver/Windwalker)]

- Failmarie [Shaman (Restoration/Elemental)]



- Cabalzors [Warrior (Fury/Protection)]

- Jrnubis [Mage (Frost/Frost)]

- Krankii [Mage (Arcane/Frost)]

- Lebôwski [Monk (Windwalker)]

- Velmathris [Warlock (Affliction/Destruction)]

Stand By




- Banach [Druid (Restoration/Guardian)]

- Optica [Paladin (Holy/Protection)]

- Velnaris [Monk (Mistweaver/Brewmaster)]


- Aydn [Hunter (Survival/Marksman)]

- Caballer [Death Knight (Unholy/Blood)]

- Eternalrest [Death Knight (Frost/Blood)]


- Gladewalker [Druid (Restoration/Guardian)]

- Samsagoob [Druid (Feral/Guardian)]