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Wemnar and Dagtik.jpg
Wemnar, Son of Broxigar (a.k.a Wemnar Soulcrusher)
Game Name


Race Orc
Gender Male
Class Warlock
Professions Mining Tailoring
Guild Alea Iacta Est

Wemnar is an Orc Warlock, and Pleb of Alea Iacta Est


Wemnar stands around 6 and a half feet tall weighing in roughly around 280 pounds has olive skin and grey eyes. He is normally found with no facial hair and likes to keep his hair shaved (Every now and then he gets a "wild hair" and will let both grow out).

Character History

Wemnar Soulcrusher, son of Broxigar (Brox) Bloodmender and Ergrima started life as any normal orc child living on a small farm in the Barrens, where he spent plenty of time learning and daily chores on their small farm.

Wemnar's father, Brox Bloodmender, was a respected Shaman who was called upon to heal many orcs that had has issues with their blood. Brox was able to call upon the forces of nature (mainly fire) to stop bleeding wounds that would not stop by simply clotting; he was a well known man. Wemnar's mother, Ergrima, in her early years was a rogue scout serving her time well for the orc race. Now she has settled into her life as a respected wife and mother of her family.

When Wemnar came of age his father began to teach him the way of the Shaman's and with this came excitement and thrill as his father watched his son seem to grasp the ways of nature and wielding its power at such a young age. His father proud himself on the fact that his son could wield the powers of fire just as good as he could.

One day while his family was having dinner they had a mysterious visitor come by that was in need of healing, his wounds were like none that Wemnar had seen before. This orc seemed to wield some power of his own that Wemnar could not put a finger on and his questions of who this man was were merely dismissed as his father worked diligently to get this man out as quickly as he could. As the family waited for his wounds to heal he stayed with the family, but in a room away from everyone and only his father and mother were allowed to go to this man. Two days has gone by and Wemnar's curiosity had gotten the best of him so while his father had gone on a house call to the next village and his mother was out working the field, he snuck into the room with this mysterious man. This man told Wemnar of his adventures as a Warlock and how in his view the warlock was merely a more "focused path" of a Shaman with a little extra to kick in. This sparked Wemnar's interest more hearing the ability to call upon demons and dread steeds from other dimensions and planets and binding them to your will. Whereas a shaman you request of the elements to do such things for you. As this mysterious man continued his tale, Wemnar's mother calls for him and questions him why was he speaking with this man. Wemnar had no answer and was told not to speak with him any longer and that his mother or he was to ever speak of what had just happened. Two days later his wounds were mended and he was sent on his way.

A few years later, Wemnar began asking his father the differences between the way of Shamans and Warlocks. His father spoke strongly against the powers of the warlocks how they are selfish and only hungered for more power. During this heated discussion was when Wemnar made the announcement that he was going to go study the ways of the warlock. His father was taken aback but his mother had known that Wemnar had spoken to hear some time not long after the mysterious man had left their home that he had wished to do so. She had begged him not to as this was going to crush his father's spirit as this line of shamans in the family would die away. Even against his father's disapproval Wemnar knew the calling of Warlock was upon him. His father died displeased with the choice of his son but told his mother that he still wishes well of him to have a long and prosperous life. Wemnar's mother died of age and died knowing that her son was doing what he felt he was called to do in his life.

At times, Wemnar is sadden at the fact of his Father's displeasure of his choice and sometimes questions his choice of doing what he felt his father wanted him to do or that which would make him happy. Wemnar is also very analytical, observant and methodological of things in life, including people.

From Bloodmender to Soulcrusher

The story of how became Wemnar Soulcrusher, Son of Broxigar Bloodmender (Coming Soon)

In Combat

Wemnar enjoys the Path of Affliction Spells of the Warlock as they slowly eat away at the health of his foe. This gives the foe time to really think which is the worst way to go. The Curse of Agony, the Corruption, or consumed by the fires that burn his soul.

Affiliation with Other Characters

Iceflare - The closest thing to Wemnar. This his family, his wife-type person (lol), one of the reasons he doesn't keep his Succubus out too long.

Views on Other Races and Factions

(Coming soon)


Wemnar is played by User:Wemnar.