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Warruzz - Group Leader
Weekend Warriors is a 10-Man(currently) raiding team that raids on Weekend Mornings.
If you are a member of this raid group please join channel "Weekend"

Raid Times

Saturday 10am-1pm EST(Biweekly)
Sunday 10am-1pm EST

Current Roster

MT- Warruzz - Paladin - Prot
OT/DPS-Valdrakkar - Druid - Feral

DPS/Tank- Lìl - DK - Frost
DPS-Supaflytnt - Rogue - Combat

RDPS-Fosh-Hunter - Marks
RDPS- Røci-Priest - Shadow(Considered backup till MoP
RDPS-Eithaurin-Mage - Arcane

Healer-Woebegone - Paladin - Holy
Healer- Khaebil - Priest - Holy
Healer- Kortov - Shaman - Resto

RDPS- Azlyn -Warlock- Demo(Considered Main group till MoP)

Who We Are

Weekend Warriors is a raid group that formed to raid Dragon Soul during the early hours of the weekend morning who like to have fun while raiding, joke around, be able to take criticism ,work towards goals,and getting things done.

World of Logs


Loot Rules

Suicide Kings

Guild Bank rules

We now have a guild bank
1) If you acquire a epic gem from our raids, either use it or deposit it in the guild bank
2) Epic gems due to their rarity will only be used for 397ilevel gear, as we progress in heroic that requirements will be made for 410+.
3) No selling Epic Gems for your own gain, any sold epic gems from our raids that are not needed will be deposited in the bank.
4) If you have a Gem that someone in the groups needs that was gained from our raids, give them the gem for their gear.
5) If you need items out of the bank beyond from gems, please clear it with someone else with the group so someone else knows why a item was taken out.
6) You all have complete bank access don't abuse it.

Raiding Rules

1) Flasks and Food are Required
2) Look up fights before hand before the raid begins at least 1 boss ahead
3) Invites go out at 9:55am
4) Communication. Speak up if you see a way to improve the raid. The only way we can progress is by working together and part of that is looking to see what can do to improve the raid and the only way to do that is by communicating.
5) Fun
6) As this is a Morning group please bring with you your preference of caffeinated beverage to the raid
7) If you fail to make a raid and come on the day after or later during the raid you are now considered the Backup for the week.

Required Add-Ons

Deadly Boss Mods
Omen Threat Meter
Tidy Plates(DPS only)