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DeprecatedThe Alea Iacta Est Gaming Community has moved to using Mumble for VOIP communications.

AIE has a large Ventrilo server for the use of our community members. If you are new to Ventrilo, it is a voice chat system that allows use to talk and hear our guildmates while running instances, raids, or just general game playing and chatting. You really should have a headset and microphone, since using standard computer speakers and built-in mics can cause a lot of extra noise or echo for others.

Getting it going

Here is some basic information on getting Ventrilo set up and running:

Logging into AIE Ventrilo

Of course, now you will want to log into the AIE Ventrilo server. The information for that is on the front page when you login to UMAMI. We control the password, so never give it out to anyone. Anyone with legitimate access to it will be able to get it by going to the UMAMI front page.

Now you are logged in, you will see a lot of "rooms" or "channels". These are broken down into areas based on the purpose of the channel. Note: the Boiler Room, Game Rooms, and Lounges, and Grand Hall are "open channels", and the AIE family-friendly rule applies to all of them. The quest and raid channels are marked "DND", which means you should not just "pop in" to one of these channels. The conversation in these channels may be more adult, depending on the consensus of everyone in the channel.

AIE Ventrilo Chat Rooms

Boiler Room
This is an open room where AIE officers will often hang out to help with any guild questions or issues you may have.
Game Rooms
This is where to go if you are playing a certain game, and just want to chat with others in the same game.
These are general purpose open channels for chatting while playing, doing homework or whatever. Drop-ins are welcome.
The Grand Hall
This is where AIE holds it's town hall meetings. By default you are muted when entering the Grand Hall. This channel is recorded during meetings.
Quest Channels
These are "do not disturb" channels intended for small groups--for questing or what have you.
Raid Channels
These channels are basically the same as the quest channels, except for larger groups--pretty much intended for raiding.

Other ad hoc channels are made from time to time--for example during Craft Fairs.