Undercity Debt Collectors

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DISBANDED! Excellent run, but due to raid team changes and an unfair cataclysm, UDC disbanded in 2011.

It was awesome guys!

About us

We are a group of people who are all about collecting debts, and those raid bosses are past due! (Okay that was a baaad joke.)

We are a more causal raiding group of people who are just interested in seeing the content, downing the bosses and having fun while doing it. Drinks are mandatory for raid times as is a good sense of fun!

Where and When

UDC runs on Friday and Saturday Nights, midnight - 2:30 am server time. We are currently running Bastion of Twilight, Baradin Hold, and Blackwing Decent but are starting firelands raiding.

Our Team

Tanks: Alachaas (Raid Leader), Puppypelt

Healers: Zarindra (Raid Leader), Kregal, Zodrageous

DPS: Lanctharus, Prankess, Thraxxis, Bolverkr, Huntsthewind, Zarceph

Alternates: Dribbler, Kallian, Tooantah, Orzarin, Zodder, Xanar, Beira, Atriana, Tintlet, Tatsukiiz


Loot master with open rolls. Main spec, then off spec for priority. UDC plays with the 'Aces Wild' System, meaning if you roll a 1, you are the winner! If you help down the boss, you get a shot at the loot, no exceptions. The role you are currently playing is your 'main' role unless we specifically asked you to switch for the raid.

The AIE martyr loot system comes heavily into play when deciding who actually ends up with the gear after rolls are finished.

Raiders get one tier token until everyone has one then it is open rolls for the second piece.

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