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Toshiko Brightwing
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Mage
Professions Tailoring Inscription
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations NORG

Toshiko is a High Elf/Troll Mage, and a member of Alea Iacta Est


Toshiko was a foundling of sorts, left on her father’s door step by her Blood Elf mother. The only thing Toshiko knows of her mother is that she found Toshiko's father while looking for greener pastures, and was ashamed of what transpired, including the birth of her daughter. Her half breed heritage could be hidden behind clothing; her mother could not handle the star shaped green fur birthmark her daughter carried.

Her arrival in her father’s home cause a huge up rise, especially when her step-mother tried to cook her for dinner thinking the local butcher dropped her off. For once her father put his foot down and insisted this little wierdling be accepted into the family. Her new “mother” begrudgingly accepted the child, though till Toshiko was 14, she didn’t know you don’t take baths in stew pots with veggies. As she grew so did her family, and a very diverse family it is with many half brothers and sisters.

But it wasn’t till she was 16 that she discovered exactly what she was, the day they came to town. Delivering a message to their village leader on behalf of the Horde, a band of blood elves rode into town, pale flesh and golden hair among a sea of green and blues. She was confused and curious, not understanding why she looked more like them then her family. While out running errands for her “mother”, Toshiko caught the eye of one of the emissaries, a young blood elf that to this day she only refers to as Him. He convinced her to run away with him, and like many foolish girls, she did.

A year later, when he was unable to cover a tab at the local inn, he skipped town, leaving Toshiko with very little copper and a horrible debit. In exchange for a roof over her head, and meals in her belly, she worked at the inn, every copper she earned going to the debit. No longer was she the naive trusting young lady she was before. She toiled in the inn from sun up to sun set, waiting the tables, dealing with the rabble, and dancing for the meager coppers they tossed; until Durth found her. An orc with a sharp mind and a hidden kind heart, he paid the rest of her debit, buying her freedom. When he left town, she left with him, all her belongings packed in one single traveler’s knapsack.

Together they ventured across the lands, as she learned to harness and develop her magical skills and him his hunting skills. Deciding this little blood elf was a handful of trouble, and he adored trouble. He married her in a very quiet private ceremony witnessed only by the priest and his pet. They continued happily for three years, and then decided to separate ways for a while. Durth eventually sent word of him meeting another Orc, a proud female warrior who was capturing his heart. Unable to deny him his happiness, she agreed to a divorce in a year and a day from when she received his letter.

Alone again, yet not the weak little girl she once was, the fire mage continued her studies and travels. Stopping at times at the local inn to rest for a week, paying for her lodgings by helping the woman in the kitchen and sharing with them the recipes she learned along the way.

During one of these trips she heard of the orphans of the war and decided to help.Toshiko set off searching to find one of the mother patrons to help, adopting a little orc boy who she showed the world. While doing this she ran into another blood elf, a hunter named Xanar, who was on the same quest. Together they showed the two children the magic and wonder of the world around them, and then agreed to meet a week later at a specific inn.

Fate was cruel and they both went to different inns, so Toshiko continued alone. Until one day wandering down a dusty road she ran into him again. They were married by their close friend Priestess Faeline, in attendance was Toshiko’s “Big Brother” Lanctharus, and Xokuk deep in Alliance territory. Together they purchased Sun Rock Retreat in the old world so their extended family of A.I.E. would have a place to rest their head and have a good meal.

Since then they have purchased inns in Nagrand and Howling Fjord.

They have lived happily ever after blessed with wonderful friends and guild mates, until a separation let a dice roll come between them. Toshiko is currently divorced and wandering the globe when not immersing herself in the running of her inns.

Other Characters

  • Cassiopieaa - Toshiko's half sister, Troll Hunter
  • Manajamba - Toshiko's half brother (and the players real life little brother)
  • Angelleica - Toshiko's half sister and Cassiopieaa's fraternal twin half sister- Deceased
  • Cindy aka Sindervexx - Toshiko's half sister, Angellieica and Cassiopieaa's full sister- Deceased
  • Saraiel - Toshiko's half sister- Deceased

If you ask Toshiko about the variety of her family, she always answers that her father traveled a lot.

Character Quirks and Trivia

  • When Toshiko is upset or nervous she bakes, for days on end
  • She believes even in these times of war, manners are important
  • To her, the guild is family and family is the guild.
  • She has a horrible crush on Mage Trolls and Druid Taurens
  • She's ashamed of her big feet and how clumsy they make her.
  • She was given the (way) unofficial title of Guild Mother by Sukkot(her fire mage mentor) because she would remind people of their manners and to wipe their feet.


Toshi and Xanar
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