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Thrall in the Family is a 10-man serious-casual raiding team that was originally formed to dethrone the Lich King.

We are currently raiding Cataclysm content - Baradin Hold, Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, and Throne of the Four Winds.

Raiding Schedule

Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 10PM to 12PM EDT (Server Time). We occasionally consider adding a night during the week if the content calls for it.

Team Roster

Tanks Healers DPS
Mazkroth Nellore Splodey
(Open) Årk Scooterz
---------------- Sulran Semk
---------------- ----------------
---------------- ---------------- (Open)


We could use an additional tank. A warrior tank is already used, so any of the other classes would be great. A DPS slot is also open of any sort.

We also don't mind "friends of the raid team" that can fill in if a member cannot make it for a raid night.

Loot Rules

"Common Sense" loot rules - whoever the item makes the most sense to go to is who will end up with it. Overall team progression through the current content is the overriding goal behind the "sensible" distribution.

If it makes about the same amount of sense to award to multiple people, then discussion and/ or rolling occurs.

Required Add-Ons

Please install and enable Deadly Boss Mods, and Omen Threat Meter. Others that are needed for your personal roles are highly recommended.


We just started our youtube channel...

The channel - Thrall in the Family

Raid Progression

Baradin Hold

Argaloth - Down

Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Down

Valiona and Theralion

Ascendant Council



Blackwing Descent

Magmaw - Down

Omnitron Defense System





Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave of Winds