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<The Special Snowflakes>

A brand-spanking-new 10-person raiding team has now assembled!

Raiding since 18/06/11!

Yet Another Raid Group?


It is my hope that our schedule and attitude can at least provide a good home to a few like-minded players and others trying to carve their own little comfy niche in this multi-guild monstrosity.

When are your raid times?

   * We are currently running Thursday 8pm-11pm and Saturday 8pm-11pm or 12am, server time.

What are we offering to prospective raiders?

   * A casual but competitive raiding environment focusing on progression and gearing. A perfect fit for the not-quite-casual but non-hardcore raider out there.
   * Assistance in gathering mats for crafted upgrades and enchants.
   * Free enchants for main-spec gear upgrades acquired during raid times.
   * New and challenging game experiences as we thrust ourselves into content.
   * Possible reimbursement for those who use their personal assets for The Greater Good™

What do we expect from prospective raiders?

   * The ability to maintain an 80% attendance record.
   * A willingness to help other roster members on off-hours.
   * A desire to learn new strategies and apply new skills
   * Gear-wise, we are looking for characters who are at least capable of running the Troll heroic dungeons and we are willing to assist the proper candidate in acquiring better pre-raid gear.
   * While it would be preferable, no previous raid experience is required to apply.
   * Players should have a good understanding of their own class and spec and be willing to research this as patches and hotfixes come out.
   * Raiders with capped or near-cap trade skills will be given preference. I don’t want any sweet sweet recipe drops going to waste.
   * We expect prospective roster members to research new fights before we raid and come with a basic understanding of the encounter. You should also make note of the loot table so you make make quick and informed decisions on drops.

Required addons, etc

   * DBM
   * OMEN
   * AIE CTA (seriously, not enough people use this great add-on)
   * Vent and a microphone.

On the matter of sweet loot.

At the moment, we use a simple roll system with a loot master but may be migrating to a different loot system in a few weeks, once our roster settles down and we get a feel for the team.

Main --> Off/sell(BoE) --> DE

My only stipulation to the above loot system is this: don't be greedy.

All revenue made from the sale of BoEs goes to help pay for raid expenses (cauldrons, enchanting mats, etc)

Okay, I have read your wall of text and I am still interested! What do I do? Please help me!

Don't worry. There is nothing wrong with you. That feeling is perfectly natural. I suggest that you reply to this thread and send a tell to either Aratall or Longmoo in game. While we are currently full, we are always looking for good subs for when the need arises.


Bastion of Twilight: 4/4

We have broken the Wyrmbreaker and feasted upon his villainous innards! How dastardly!

We have slain the mighty Valiona and the pansy Theralion and we have dined upon their supple dragon flesh! How delicious!

We have mercilessly crushed the groove of the Ascendant Council and their combined strength could not withstand the sweet synthpop onslaught we wrought upon it. How catchy and upbeat!

We have vanquished the nefarious Cho'gall and feasted upon the tears of children world-wide as the ogre himself was largely inedible. How monstrous!

Blackwing Descent: 5/6

We have bested the ferocious Magmaw and crushed it's strange worm gods! How sacrilegious!

We have short-circuited the omnitron defense system. How electrifying!

We have put down the fel beast Chimaeron. How ethical!

We have ended the sinister experiements of the evil Maloriak. How vigilante!

We have beat the crap out of the handicapped dragon, Atramedes. How questionable!

Current Roster


Longmoo [feral druid] (skinning/leatherworking)

Khristoff [prot/ret paladin] (alchemy/blacksmithing)


Aratall [Holy/Disc priest] (Tailoring/Enchanting) <fishing/cooking/archaeology>

Nossato [Resto/Balance druid] (herbalism/alchemy)


Zeebie [Arcane/Frost Mage] (Tailoring/Mining)

Diethie [MM/BM Hunter] (Skinning/Leatherworking)

Krankin [Affliction Warlock] (herbalism/tailoring)

Shikako [Frost/Blood Death Knight]

Lasciele [Shadow/disc priest] (Mining/Engineering)

Slipknot [frost/blood death knight] (blacksmithing/mining)