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Welcome to the raid wiki for <The Professionals>, a 10 man raiding team that has started up in order to bring down the mighty dragon Deathwing and his many minions.

Basic Information


As of now, we raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, from 10:30 pm - 1:30 am server time. We ask that all members be online and prepared no later than 10:15 pm.


This roster is an incomplete list of our members. We are always seeking more so if it seems filled don't be afraid to apply!

  • Tanks
    • Aeqeuo
    • Deathtotem
  • Healers
    • Agasi
    • Reverentlord
    • Tyrdallus
  • Damage
    • Aelfrice
    • Pandacheese
    • Slurrm
    • Splatzel
    • Talent

Raid Information


At the moment we are recruiting DPS with reliable (read: raid-ready) healing and tanking offspecs. With that said we are seeking anybody who is good at their class. We also would like to have a healthy stable of alternates, so if you are able to come to only some of our raid nights, I would encourage you to apply as an alternate.

If you are interested in applying, please visit our forum post:( on the Raiding Boards.

Expectations and Raid Rules


While we don't have any strict requirements for joining our team, we would like our members to have mostly heroic gear, have a knowledge of their class (more than one spec as well), and a general awareness about the World (of Warcraft) around them.

If you feel you could know more about your class, I would recommend for your edification.

Raid Rules

  • When coming to a raid, you are expected to bring your own food and flasks/elixirs, but we may bring fish feasts at times.
  • Loot Rules
    • As of now we are doing a Loot Council system, where we will decide who needs the loot based on current gear, raid attendance and general contributions to the raid. We will continue to use this system as long as it works for the majority of the raid.


Kills are marked in bold, heroic kills have an 'H' next to them.

We are currently 11/12

  • Bastion of Twilight
    • Halfus Wyrmbreaker killed 1/27/11
    • Valiona and Theralion killed 2/10/11
    • Twilight Ascendant Council 2/17/11
    • Cho'gall killed 3/9/11
    • Sinestra
  • Blackwing Descent
    • Magmaw killed 1/30/11
    • Omnitron Defense System killed 1/30/11
    • Maloriak killed 2/10/11
    • Atramedes killed 2/14/11
    • Chimaeron killed 2/6/11 GUILD FIRST!
    • Nefarian
  • Throne of the Four Winds
    • Conclave of Wind killed 2/3/11
    • Al'Akir killed 3/17/11