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What is <The Night Shift>?

<The Night Shift> is a casual raid group for either people who are up really really late, really really early, or just play from a different time zone. We are rebuilding this team, so we will likely do LFR until we can float a full 10-Man team or PUG in guild members. Fun runs of old raids is also likely, if all are interested. We are more about fun than break-neck progression, but I think we all want to see the real Deathwing (not just LFR). Together they are going to make the raid pay off... all night long!

<The Night Shift> thread on the Extralife / AIE forums is located here:

Raid Days and Times

<The Night Shift> raid schedule is morning between 3:00am and 7:00am (server time) with exact day TBD. We recommend members log on ten minutes early so that raid invites can go out and we can arrive to our destination prepared and on-time.


If you are confident you can get the job done, perform at your peak, and benefit the team as a whole, we will not force mandatory addons upon you. Strongly suggested addons if you do not already posses them, include:

Deadly Boss Mods


Any "class specific" addons that will enhance your playing efficiency:

Such as Grid or Healbot for healers and PallyPower for paladins.

Looting Rules

We use Konfer Suicide Kings (KSK), which has an addon to provide a UI to the raid looting process and gives even PUG members a fair chance. (even promotes good PUG players to come back even if their schedule doesn't allow full member status, since it remembers their spot in loot queue)

Our goal is to ensure everyone has fun and enjoys themselves and this includes distributing loot as evenly as possible.

Apply For Membership in <The Night Shift>

We currently looking for all players fill the core group of the team. We are rebuilding this team from inactivity, so all welcome.

Interested players should contact Applebane in-game mail, tell, or via PM.

The AIE Podcast #75... We were the featured raid team in the AIE Raid Wrapup at about 1:18:00 into the podcast!!! Yah, late night raiders are sexy! (and don't mind the robe  ;)

We are aware that real life events can occur without notice (Deathwing's power over this realm is all consuming), and alternates that are ready to step in to help the group can prevent such events from halting our progress for the night.

Current Membership in <The Night Shift>

See the Roster Tab