The Ebon Hold

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The Ebon Hold is a segment discussing all things Death Knight. The segment is hosted by Denalian, Modum, and Nagazul.


The information contained in The Ebon Hold is based on the experience and research of its hosts. Don't just take our word for it, your mileage may vary, so try things out for yourself!

Submit Your Questions

If you have a question, or are interesting in guest hosting on a topic, send a PM to Modum or Denalian in the forums.

Segment List

Segment Number Title Description Links and Notes
1 What Talent Tree is Right for Me? Modum, Nagazul, and Denalian kick this segment off by talking about talent trees, and their favorite talents therein.
2 Why Roll a Death Knight? Modum, Nagazul, and Denalian talk about Death Knights, why you want a Death Knight, and how they differ from other classes.
3 Rotation, Rotation, Rotation Modum and Denalian talk rotations, why we have them, some of our favorite, and what to do when you fall "off the rails". Show Outline
4 Patch 3.1 Woes Modum and Denalian discuss the changes for Death Knights in Patch 3.1. This special episode of the Ebon Hold features Denalian's 2 year old in the background and the same amount of Zhevra-related content that you've come to expect! Show Outline
5 Death Knight Stats Modum and Denalian pick the worms from their brains and shed light on Item stats and the death knight experience. If you've always wanted to know what you were looking for in armor, look no further than this segment! Show Outline
6 Death Knights: Then and Now Modum looks back and reminisces about Death Knights of the Old Horde during the Second War, while Denalian talks Death Knight 2.0 with Arthas and the Scourge. It should be lore-tastic! Show Outline

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7 Glyphs, Glyphs, and Glyphs Modum and Denalian talk about Glyphs, both major and minor, for all types of players from PvP to Leveling. Show Outline

Major Glyphs @ Wowhead Minor Glyphs @ Wowhead

8 Argent Death Knights Modum and Denalian talk 3.2... tanking nerfs, the rise of Dual Wield, and Modum trying to replace me. Show Outline
9 Raid-Bound Modum and Denalian talk about where to turn when you hit 80 and decide that you want to run some raids. Where do you find gear? Which reputations do you grind first? How do I match up with the content? Show Outline

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