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Icon of the Scourge.jpg
The Hallowed
Game Name


Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Death Knight
Professions Herbalism Alchemy
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Drunk with Power 10/25



Tarragon has red hair, glowing blue eyes, is about 115 lbs, and 5'8". She is lithe and flexible. There are no obvious scars on her body. She keeps her hair up in a ponytail, for convenience.


Tarragon is a mercenary. She does what she needs and gets out, be it killing a demon lord or buying an axe to kill a demon lord. She is intelligent and practical. Her experiences with the scourge have left her cold and hard to read. Tarragon doesn't hate anyone, but will kill someone without batting an eye, if the need arises. When she isn't killing things or preparing to kill things, she can generally by found in Dalaran, sitting on the benches, or getting the latest news about killing dudes in a bar. She was once seen killing dudes in a bar with part of the bench from the Dalaran park.



Tarragon was born in Silvermoon between the first and second wars. She had an uneventful childhood, the second war largely passing her by. Her parents were moderately successful business owners, middle class in the high elf culture. Tarragon wasn't ever very happy in the shining city of Silvermoon. She preferred to be outdoors, in the eternal springtime of Eversong Woods. This is why her chosen profession was hunting.

Third War

Tarragon wasn't nearly as lucky with the third war as she was with the second. Arthas was rampaging through her homeland with his scourge and whatnot, so she joined a small militia force to try and stop him. Unfortunately, her and her small group were promptly killed by a legion of the dead and some warlocks.

More to come!