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If you want access to the guild-wide Jabber chat server on the go with your iOS device, Talkonaut offers a reasonable set of features like chat notifications, auto-away, screen orientation lock, chat log, time-stamp, etc.


This guide was made using Talkonaut 5.91 for iPhone but other versions should be similar.

Setting up Talkonaut to use the AIE Jabber account

Note: These instructions may be slightly different depending on the iOS device you are using. If you find a difference or if the app updates and these notes or screens aren't accurate feel free to add notes here to the wiki or let someone know in Jabber (Max can help) and we'll get it updated.

  1. Launch Talkonaut, select Jabber as your account type and then enter your full username and password. Click Sign In.
  2. Click the Jabber tab before moving on to join rooms (note: some versions may not have a Jabber tab and this may be done on the conferences tab.)
  3. Click the arrow in the top right corner to join a chat/conference room.
    Note: this is also where you can add a contact. Pay attention to the format of the username.
  4. Click Join Conference to enter the chat room name details:
  5. Click More for additional options and enter the appropriate details, then click Join when finished.
    1. Room: the chat room name you want to enter
    2. Host: the AIE Jabber server,
    3. Nick: your nickname and what everyone else in the room will see
    4. Password: leave blank unless you're entering a password protected room
    Talkonautstep4.jpg Talkonautstep5.jpg
  6. Once the app has joined you to the chat room, tap the center of the screen to enter text mode. Next click the + icon to enter your message in the black box and click Send.
    Talkonautstep6.jpg Talkonautstep7.jpg Talkonautstep8.jpg