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The Insane
Game Name


Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Professions Jewelcrafting Blacksmithing
Guild Alea Iacta Est
Affiliations Achievementality
To The Pain

Sunbendyr (formerly Lightbendyr) was a Paladin in the Alea Iacta Est Gravitas guild and a member of the raid team To The Pain.

Origin Story

Sunbendyr was originally a Human named Sir Bill, created as an alt to grind away the weekends in Dire Maul along with another talented young Paladin, Lady Lynn. But the experience in Dire Maul wasn't all smiles and sunshine. The grueling ordeal of farming tomes, along with the whispers of the Old Gods, got into Bill and Lynn's heads, until they both went TOTALLY INSANE!!!

Fearing for the safety of their world, the citizens of Stormwind, banded together and with the use of powerful arcane magics, teleported the now deranged and babbling couple to another world, more in keeping with their dark, perverted minds - namely Earthen-Ring US and the guild Alea Iacta Est.

The transfer altered both Paladin's appearances and identities. No longer human, the two were now Blood Elves and started going by the names Lightbendyr and Nyeneve.

A Brave New World

Now in their new bodies, but still totally insane, Lightbendyr and Nyeneve formed their own raid team Achievementality, in the summer of 2010. Together they entered Molten Core over and over and OVER again. Hoping that it would make them super best friends with the Hydraxian Waterlords, which it did.

When the great Catacylsm shook Azeroth in December 2010, Lightbendyr decided he wanted to increase in size and become a Tauren Sunwalker. After a long, expensive operation, he reemerged as Sunbendyr The Insane.
Sunbendyr was last seen venturing up to Northrend, to compete in the Argent Tournament. No one has seen him since...